• One2Web FAQs

    PISD Educators and Chromebooks

    Every classroom teacher, campus librarian and guidance counselor is eligible to receive a Chromebook.   Eligible campus professional staff who have not been issued a Chromebook should contact the Campus CTA to request one.


    Are teachers allowed to keep Chromebooks over the summer?

    Yes, unless they are separating from the district.


    When will student Chromebooks be distributed?

    By December 2019, all elementary, middle, high and senior high schools are slated to receive a quantity of chromebooks equal to student enrollment plus two percent. Not all deliveries have been scheduled at this point, but those that have been will appear in this calendar.


    Can students take the Chromebooks home?

    No, the Chromebook initiative is not intended to be a take-home program.  


    What about headphones?

    Each school will receive a quantity of headphones equal to the number of student chromebooks it receives.  


    Who is responsible for broken Chromebooks?

    While every effort should be made to handle the chromebooks with care, we know that accidents will happen and defects will occasionally occur.  In every case, please report the problem to the school’s CTA as soon as possible. The CTA will report unresolvable problems to our PISD Help Desk.  Chromebooks will generally be repaired or replaced with a similar model and then returned to the school. When damages are attributable to negligence and/or willful misconduct, parents may be liable for property damage as indicated by Policy FNCB (STUDENT CONDUCT - CARE OF SCHOOL PROPERTY).


    Who is responsible for lost or stolen Chromebooks?

    Lost or stolen Chromebooks should be reported immediately to the school’s CTA.  In turn, the CTA is obligated to report the relevant details using PISD’s Risk Management Loss Form located here.  As a general rule, schools will not be responsible for replacing these devices.


    Who do we call if the devices aren’t working properly?

    Always contact your CTA first when devices are not working properly.  If unable to resolve the issue, the CTA, in turn, should contact the PISD Help Desk


    Will our wireless network be able to handle all of these Chromebooks?

    Yes, our wireless network will accommodate all of these new devices.  That is not to say that it will be smooth sailing from the start. We will need to monitor wireless traffic and make adjustments throughout the process until we land on a set of configurations, wireless arrays and bandwidth allocations that match our demands and requirements.  Please ask your CTA to report any persistent problems with your school’s wifi to the Help Desk.


    Is it possible to print from the Chromebooks?

    Yes, printing from Chromebooks is possible.  Press Ctrl+P to access printer settings.  Next to Destination (“Save as PDF”), click Change, then select the appropriate printer from the Google Cloud Print list.  Please contact your CTA if you need additional assistance with printing.


    What happens if we get more students (or teachers) throughout the year?

    Chromebook counts will be re-visited at least annually and adjustments will be made to accommodate growth or declining enrollment.  Outside of the normal reconciliation period, schools should first apply devices from the 2% overage to achieve the desired result. Secondarily, the school CTA may request additional units from the PISD Help Desk.  


    How can I wirelessly connect to my classroom projector from a Chromebook?

    While we don’t have a universal and foolproof method of wirelessly connecting Chromebooks (or any other wifi devices) to classroom projectors, the ability to manipulate the projected image is a distinct possibility.  Teachers and students can achieve a measure of wireless interactivity through different applications like Nearpod, Pear Deck and the G-Suite. If you need assistance, please contact any of the Digital Learning Specialists.


    Who do we call if we want something added to Webdesk?

    The PISD Help Desk can help you add items to Webdesk.


    How do I access my H: drive (or the S: drive) from a Chromebook?

    Teachers and students are able to access files on their personal H: drive as well as the S: drive by logging into Webdesk with their PISD network credentials and clicking on My Files>School Network.  More detailed instructions available here.


    The Digital Learning Team is available to visit you, your grade level or department, or campus. Please contact us for help on best practices for Chromebook implementation!

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