• Zoomy

    Zoomy is the handheld digital microscope for second grade to use for Science.

    How to use Zoomy on a Chromebook

    1) Sign into the Chromebook.

    2) Plug the Zoomy into the Chromebook's USB port

    3) Open the Camera app on the Chromebook. To do this, open the app launcher (white circle on the bottom left of the screen), search Camera and launch it. 

    4) Click the "Switch to next camera" button on the bottom left of the screen. 

    Zoomy switch to next camera

    Now you'll see the Zoomy camera from your screen.

    5) To take a picture, click the big "Take photo" button on the right.

    zoomy take photo

    6) To take a video, click the "Switch to record video" button above the photo button. Then press Record. 

    zoomy take recording

    Retrieving Images/Videos

    Images and videos are saved to the Chromebook. The student can submit it as an attachment in Google Classroom or save it in their Google Drive and share it with the teacher. 


    From the Zoomy, rotate left/right the top of the Zoomy to adjust the focus. 


    Contact Leah.Heerema@pisd.edu with questions.