• Accessing PISD Mydesk for Windows

    Launch Internet Explorer and browse to https://mydesk.pisd.edu. When you first visit the site, it will attempt to detect if you have the 2X client installed yet. If it detects that the 2X client is not installed, it will attempt to install it.

    If prompted, click on the Install button and allow the agent to install. You should be prompted with the 2X client install window. If you are, click the OK button to begin the install.

    If your browser fails to detect or install the client on its own, you will need to download and install the 2X client manually. To do this, browse to http://downloads.2x.com and locate the client that matches your version of Windows.
    There are two installers on the Downloads page for the 2x client. One is or 64-bit versions of Windows and the other is for 32-bit. If you are not sure what version of Windows you have, select the client at the top of the list which is for 32-bit Windows.

    During the installation of the 2X client, you will be asked if you want to install the 2X Single Sign On component. Click on the No button so that the SSO components are not installed.

    After installing the client, close your browser, re-launch it, then browse to https://mydesk.pisd.edu. If your browser can detect the 2X client, you should see a confirmation of the 2X client installation at the bottom of the web page.

    On the login screen, enter your network login credentials. Example: john.doe and the network password.
    After successfully authenticating to the web site, you will be presented with a number of remote desktops that you can access.

    Select one of the remote desktops and double click on it. This will launch your remote desktop session to the PISD desktop. In some browsers, you may be prompted to Open or Save the 2Xa file. If you get this prompt, select to Open the file.
    If a remote desktop is unavailable, you will get a network error. This means that specific desktop has reached capacity and cannot accept any more guests.

    If you get this error, select a different remote desktop and attempt to connect to it.
    Once in your remote session, you will have access to all internal PISD resources. Note that the remote desktop farm reboots at 2:00 AM every day and anyone attached at that time will be disconnected.
    When you are finished with your session, remember to log off the remote PC and the Mydesk.pisd.edu web site.

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