•  Salute to Service 2021

     Superintendent's Service Award Winners 2021

    Congratulations 2021 Superintendent's Service Award Winners and Nominees

    Each spring support staff from across the district are nominated for the prestigious Superintendent's Service Award. In 2021, forty employees were nominated. This annual award is designed to honor support staff members who go above and beyond the call of duty as they perform their job responsibilities. Congratulations to the 2021 winners pictured above: Dellmy Cabrera, Sigler Elementary; Michelle Heitter, Wyatt Elementary FANS; Michelle Ribeiro, Professional Learning and Logan Singer, Facility Services.

  • Dellmy Cabrera | Sigler Elementary

    Dellmy Cabrera | Teacher Assistant Prekindergarten, Sigler Elementary School

    Dellmy Cabrera

    Throughout my tenure as Parent Liaison, with the support of many, I was able to achieve many notable accomplishments. From assisting parents in completing health forms to securing glasses for underprivileged students the satisfaction of supporting families has been great. However, my most proud accomplishment involved a brave 9 year old student who had just recently received her U.S. Citizenship and her newly-single, unemployed mother. As a new student, her mother explained that her daughter had recently been diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. She furthered explained that her father refused to support her medical needs. It was at that point I knew that anything less than 100% financial support for this family was unacceptable. Throughout many months of countless phone calls, conferences with doctors, and waiting lists too many to mention, mom and I were finally successful. My brave 9-year-old friend would never want for medical assistance again.

    As I transitioned from Parent Liaison to Pre-Kindergarten teacher assistant, the adventure of supporting young learners continued. This proud moment involved a rambunctious, at times destructive, young learner who was attempting to navigate our American culture. In addition, this young boy had never been to school. Needless to say the lesson plan I was handed consisted of love, great patience and unconditional support. Though some days had great challenges, he and I were slowing moving toward a relationship of love and understanding. I watched this young student slowly learn to maneuver an American classroom with success. The reward for this adventure was “paid in full” when he would smile from simply time spent together or I heard his infectious giggle from a joke well told.

    As I reflect on my days spent at Sigler Elementary, I can say without hesitation there is no greater calling than loving the children that fill its classrooms. View video of Dellmy receiving her plaque from Superintendent Bonser and the Board of Trustees.

    Letter of Recommendation

    Explaining why Dellmy Cabrera exemplifies all qualities and characteristics of the Plano Independent School District Superintendent's Service Award I could start by stating "just the seen facts"...
    • 8 years of dedicated service to the Sigler staff, it's students and their families
    • I could share that, as Parent Liaison, Ms. Cabrera found the needed resources and education programs for families in need. In addition, she built personal relationships with each family and successfully promoted healthy living and learning opportunities for their children
    I could add that as a Sigler parent volunteer she held the office of PTA President, as well as PTA fundraising chairperson. Ensuring, through these positions, that all Sigler students might have additional learning opportunities through guest authors, artists and science programs.
    However, what I really want to focus on are the unseen "facts" of why Ms. Cabrera is worthy of such a district honor. I have taught young learners within the Plano Independent School District for over 32 years. During that time, I have had the tremendous honor to work with the very best teachers and teaching assistants in the teaching profession. However, sharing a pre-kindergarten classroom with Dellmy has not only been an incredible teaching opportunity, but an opportunity in which she has made me a better teacher.
    To quote Fred Rogers (AKA Mr. Rogers), "the best teacher in the world is someone who loves what he or she does, and just loves it in front of you." This quote sums up what it is like to teach alongside Dellmy Cabrera. Here are just a few of the "unseen facts" which embodies the service of Ms. Cabrera.
    • In working with a student who learns differently than his peers, I have seen Ms. Cabrera pull him aside (without teacher prompting) one-on-one, day after day determined to fill in his learning gaps. I have watched that young man's confidence grow. When counting 1 to 5 seemed an insurmountable task with Ms. Cabrera's determination, over time, became one of absolute success. Ms. Cabrera was relentless. She was unwavering in her attempts to transform this young man's academic challenge into academic success.
    • On more than one occasion, I have witnessed a frustrated and very angry four-year-old throw a game board (and all its many pieces) across her teacher table when the winning outcome did not go in his favor. This student comes from a background where life's uncertainties, at times, are the norm. Ms Cabrera's response to him was one of love, unbelievable patience and pre-kindergarten finesse. After dismissing the other students, she moved closer to the student and together they practiced the "Settle Your Glitter" technique of "mindful breathing." What I witnessed was an angry child slowly returning to a positive rational state with help of an incredible loving teacher.
    • When a student was repeatedly having "nap bathroom accidents," (the ones that required a quick change of clothes) I witnessed Ms. Cabrera placing extra clothes in a near-by locker so that a discreet wardrobe change could be made without the notice of the student's peers. In doing so, the student never felt ashamed or embarrassed due to the thoughtful thinking of a kind teacher.
    In closing, "teaching assistant" is a term I refuse to use as it relates to the relationship, I share with Dellmy Cabrera. There are no "assistants" in our classroom. There is only a TEAM of two teachers determined that all students will be loved well and will be academically successful. I am sure as a committee you will receive many qualified nominations for such a prestigious district award. However, I believe there will be no better nomination than that of my "co-teacher" and friend, Dellmy Cabrera.
    Paula Niece
    Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
    Sigler Elementary School

  • Michelle Heitter | Wyatt Elementary / Food and Nutritional Services

    Michelle Heitter | Cafeteria Manager, Food & Nutritional Services at Wyatt Elementary School

    Michelle Heitter

    During the Pandemic, I was asked to manage a school campus in addition to mine. In doing this, I witnessed my own personal training with my staff and knowing my campus would be well run while I was away. I have a good relationship with my staff and kids, because they are special and meaningful to me. I am very compassionate with my job,  and I go over and beyond to make sure every child is happy and fed. For example, I had a kid come in late for breakfast and was upset and the counselor knew I had a special bond with this child. So, therefore, I calmed him down and gave him a wonderful breakfast and made him smile. I am always willing to help or participate in any campus activities. I have the compassion to make my employess feel accepted and will always drop what I am doing to answer questions or lend a helping hand. My leadership and pride encourges my employees and staff to strive that much more for their appreciation to work with me. I truely believe a great leader has the expression "My Door Is Always Open." This is how I am able to make my employess feel they can come to me for anything whether its personal or job related. My goal everyday is to make sure each child has a smile and feels comfortable when coming through to buy lunch, and that my employess have everything they need to do the job well.

    Letter of Recommendation

    I am thrilled to recommend Michelle Heitter, Wyatt Cafeteria Manager, for this distinguished honor. Michelle is all about having a great attitude and because she is SO upbeat, her team is too. Michelle’s philosophy is to be a part of the team, not just a manager. It’s rare to find her sitting in her office, even though she could if she wanted to. She shares all the duties with her team which also attributes to their camaraderie and positive attitudes.

    It would be easy for the cafeteria team to spend all their time in the kitchen, but not Michelle’s team. Wanting to stay connected to our staff, she and her ladies walk the full length of our main corridor all the way to kindergarten every day. They make a point to talk with any staff they encounter as they make their way down the long corridor. The kids are always happy to see Miss Michelle! She knows every one of them by name and loves them all! I recently took a picture of her reading with one of the children. I learned later from the teacher that Michelle reads with students regularly! I love that Michelle has established with her team, that they are part of the Wyatt family. We are all part of one big team helping all students be successful in every way.

    Michelle is loved by the students and staff because she genuinely cares for them. She knows the personal stories of many of our kids and their families. I have gone to Michelle on occasion when a student has had a rough day to ask her view about how the child appeared at breakfast or lunch. I check in with her because I know she pays attention to each child as they walk through the line or while they are sitting at their table. If a student is off, or is having a hard day, she has most likely noticed. I think of her as an invaluable and reliable member of my team who sees that the school day is not just about academics, and her work at Wyatt is not just about serving meals. Michelle knows a lot about the students and their families because she gets out of the kitchen and talks to them. Once the meals are served Michelle can be found visiting the students throughout the cafeteria offering them positive statements, and a warm smile. Although, her smile can’t be seen this year due to COVID protocols, the twinkle in her eye is very visible! Students see that she is not just there to serve them lunch, but that she cares about each of them. She has amazing patience and a special bond with some of our toughest little customers!

    Michelle knows who eats breakfast every morning. If a student who normally comes in for breakfast does not come through the line, she finds out if they’re in school then tracks them down to make sure they have had breakfast.

    Michelle’s dedication expands beyond Wyatt. When asked to lend out cafeteria help to other campuses in need, she never hesitates. When she does this it means that she will only have two staff doing all the work in her busy kitchen. However, she gladly takes on more to assure that another campus can serve their students. She has also been active in the effort to serve families needing food this past year.

    Michelle is a shining example of the PISD Pillars! She is COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCE, DEDICATED TO CARING, POWERED BY LEARNING and, is proud to be part of the Plano ISD family! As one of my staff said recently, “Michelle gets joy in making other people happy – she has a heart the size of Texas!”

    Michelle Heitter is truly a shining example of the type of person recognized by the Superintendent’s Service Award!

    Cynthia Hentges
    Wyatt Elementary School

  • Michelle Ribeiro | Professional Learning

    Michelle Ribeiro: Office Manager, Professional Learning

    Michele Ribeiro

    I am most proud of my ability to help support others in PowerSchool. When I arrived at Plano ISD, we were using MLP. The following semester we began planning to change that. In a sense, I was being trained in both systems. I was using MLP and training to train staff members to use the new system. I love the fact that supporting this software has challenged me to understand it, administrate it, and trouble shoot it. The opportunity allows me to interact with most of our office managers, and many other operators throughout the district. I've learned how to generate click sheets for instructions, make training videos and lead training on PowerSchool. The interaction with my peers and fellow staff members is sometimes the best part of my daily duties. I get a real sense of accomplishment when we can work our way out of a problem or finish what appeared to be a daunting project for them. I also help existing and past teachers print transcripts, and principals print reports. The system allows me to interact with many people, and I am constantly building new friendships. View video of Michelle receiving her plaque (virtually) from Superintendent Bonser and the Board of Trustees.

    Letter of Recommendation

    The Professional Learning team is pleased to nominate Michelle Ribeiro for the Superintendent's Service Award. Michelle serves as a critical member of the professional learning team, taking on tasks above and beyond assigned administrative duties. She has proven over and over that she can coordinate with campuses and other departments to ensure that the details are taken care of and that problems are solved. When we are putting on an event or training, she leads setup efforts and is actively engaged during the events at locations all over the district.

    We don't know how we–or the district–would function without Michelle. The sheer volume of things she manages to juggle is staggering. Michelle is highly skilled at assessing needs and identifying solutions that serve the best interests of all stakeholders. She handles travel, purchases supplies for all projects, buys all food needed for training and events throughout the year, assists with the management of the budget, and reserves spaces for various events. We would not be able to produce high-quality learning experiences without the work she contributes behind the scenes.

    Michelle doesn’t just support the professional learning team; she also leads learning. Office managers and other PowerSchool operators have benefited from Michelle’s expertise as she has taught them how to use our online registration platform. She assists in the organization of the Office Professional Quarterly Conference and oversees the publication of a monthly newsletter for PISD’s office professionals.

    When it comes to customer service, Michelle is the gold standard. If you’ve ever stepped off the elevator on the third floor of the Admin Building, chances are you received a friendly hello from Michelle, and she may have even provided directions to wherever you were going. She is ALWAYS smiling and willing to help anyone from any department at any time. Michelle builds positive relationships across the building and district, fostering collaboration and positive communication. When a problem or conflict arises, she immediately brainstorms solutions, both in professional learning and employee services, and does so with patience and grace. Michelle is a natural servant-leader.

    In addition, Michelle’s productivity is unmatched. We frequently email her with small requests, expecting her to complete the tasks in a day or two, only to receive a reply within minutes that the copies are collated, stapled and waiting for us on our desks. She is a master of communication and understands when to let us handle a task, when to partner with us, and when to take care of it herself and inform us later. She has never encountered a problem that she can't solve and consistently exceeds expectations.

    Michelle is dedicated to serving all 7,000+ employees of Plano ISD. She exemplifies the pride of Plano: an employee committed to her work, a genuinely caring individual and a life-long learner.

    Ivan Cantu
    Professional Learning

  • Logan Singer | Facility Services

    Logan Singer| HVAC III Technician, Facility Services

    Logan Singer

    My proudest moments come with the day-to-day interactions with Plano ISD staff. I like to take people who are uncomfortable or upset and make them happy. I like to build relationships with the office managers and solve their problems to make their days easier. I find pride in the everyday rather than in sparing big moments. I also take pride in taking part in employee appreciation events and community impact drives. The employee appreciation luncheon is something that I enjoy planning. I also look forward to taking part in the Thanksgiving canned food drive every year. That is something that is very close to my heart. I am also proud of the work that I did in order to receive two promotions in one
    year. When I worked as a Night Filter technician, I worked alone and was able to keep ahead of the crews of two men. Lastly, the work that I did during the ice storm is something I am extremely proud of. I kept a level head while working long hours in extreme weather conditions. When the buildings were flooding, and I was soaked and tired, my managers knew they could count on me to answer my phone every time they called. I was there every day without complaint, because I care about Plano ISD and its people. It's an experience I will take with me for the rest of my years here. View video of Logan receiving his plaque from Superintendent Bonser and the Board of Trustees.

    Letter of Recommendation

    Let me tell you a story about our Facility Services HVAC technician Logan Singer. During the February 2021 winter storm, while the district was shut down, Logan was on-call. Logan responded to on-call requests, as well as calls from his manager resulting in ten to twelve hour days. One particular day, he walked into a building where water was just gushing out of the ceiling. This was after several days of driving and working in weather that shut down an entire state. Instead of panic or anger, Logan sent a video of the damage to his managers along with a message for someone to bring him an extra pair of socks because his were wet. That’s the kind of person Logan is. Even in the face of disaster, he has not just a positive attitude but can even summon up some humor.

    Logan is the embodiment of the model technician. His drive and commitment to Plano ISD is evident in his everyday work. His sole mission each day is to make his customers happy, and he always accomplishes his mission. He is always polite and respectful, making him a favorite among office managers and his peers. His attention to detail makes him a highly skilled and technical HVAC technician, but he’s still always eager to learn and better himself. Most of all, he’s extremely helpful. He’s always willing to go above and beyond what’s asked of him, not only for his customers, but for his peers as well. When you ask something of Logan, you’re sure to receive more than what you asked.

    The kind of person Logan is was evident from the start. He started on the night filter crew in 2016. Instead of working in the normal crew of two, Logan worked by himself but was still able to keep up with, and even surpass, the other crews. In six short months, he was promoted to the night HVAC technician position. Logan made quite the impression while on the night crew, because in another six short months, he was promoted again to the day crew as an HVAC III technician for the West cluster.

    Logan is also highly involved in extracurricular activities for facility services. He’s an indispensable member of the employee committee who enjoys planning and participating in the employee appreciation luncheon. He is also one of the reasons why our Thanksgiving canned food drive is so successful. He has a big heart and truly enjoys giving back to Plano ISD and the community. After a hard day working at Plano ISD, Logan unwinds by watching Netflix by the fire with his girlfriend, Logan, (yes, her name is Logan, too!) and their cat, Liza. You’ll find no better recipient for the Superintendent's Service Award than Logan Singer.

    Juan Ramos
    Executive Director of Facility Services & New Construction
    Facility Services

  • 2021 Superintendent's Service Award Nominees

    • Jamil Ahmad, Stinson Elementary School
    • Vernita Anderson, Thomas Elementary School
    • Debbie Andrews, Transportation Services
    • Susan Baack, Isaacs Early Childhood School
    • Maria Balderas, Food & Nutritional Services at Weatherford Elementary School
    • Mamie Blasik, Gulledge Elementary School
    • Dee Brazile, Otto Middle School
    • Tamaki Buffington, Solomon Adult Transition Center
    • Dellmy Cabrera, Sigler Elementary School
    • Lei Chen, Robinson Middle School
    • Jim Crusinberry, Jasper High School
    • Judith Cruzan, Meadows Elementary School
    • Shirley Dendy, Beaty Early Childhood School
    • Brittany Espinosa, Haggar Elementary School
    • Ashlee Glasco, Schimelpfenig Middle School
    • Flor Hamilton, Bowman Middle School
    • Deborah Hastings, Hendrick Middle School
    • Michelle Heitter, Food & Nutritional Services at Wyatt Elementary School
    • Kristen Jones, Boggess Elementary School
    • Tomasa Kassap, Williams High School
    • Cindy Klapper, PASAR Finance
    • Karla Lemus, Head Start
    • Tonka Majdandzic, Transportation Services
    • Lori McCaffrey, Barksdale Elementary School
    • Marisa Mejia, Hickey Elementary School
    • Richa Nayak, Rasor Elementary School
    • Danielle Palomo, Regional Day School for the Deaf
    • DeAnna Parker, Plano West Senior High School
    • Marianna Perez, Forman Elementary School
    • Sandra Prenzi, Hedgcoxe Elementary School
    • Shaheen Rahman, Bethany Elementary School
    • Catina Rand, Transportation Services
    • Liz Reyes, Food & Nutritional Services at Meadows Elementary School
    • Michelle Ribeiro, Professional Learning
    • Roger Robinson, Transportation Services
    • Angela Aguirre Rojas, Wilson Middle School
    • Denisse Serralde, Mendenhall Elementary School
    • Logan Singer, Facility Services
    • Craig Stephan, Instructional Technology
    • Melinda Thomasson, Beverly Elementary School
    • Katherine Tsao, Food & Nutritional Services at Carlisle Elementary School
    • Tyler Vasquez-Heffner, Food & Nutritional Services at Carpenter Middle School
    • Robyn White, Safety & Security Services
    • Karen Wilkinson, Robinson Middle School



  • Congratulations to the retiring or recently retired employees with at least 15 years of Plano ISD experience or 15 years of experience in public education. Thank you for your service.

  • 40 of More Years of Service in Education

    • 40 years - Karen Kirchner, ESL Specialist, Haggar Elementary School
    • 43 years - Lynda Kaye Bommarito, Fifth-Grade Teacher, Hedgcoxe Elementary School

  • 30 or More Years of Service in Education

    • 30 years - Donna L. Bassett, Music Teacher, Thomas Elementary School
    • 30 years - Carol Campbell, Librarian, Schimelpfenig Middle School
    • 30 years - Julie Johnson, Secondary English & Reading Teacher, Rice Middle School
    • 30 years - Karen Keetch, English & Reading Teacher, Robinson Middle School
    • 30 years - Lesli Lyon, Secondary English Teacher, Hendrick Middle School
    • 30 years - Jonelle M. Peters, Art Teacher, Shepard Elementary School
    • 31 years - Leona Hardiman, Secretary, Plano West Senior High School
    • 31 years - Anne Lehman, Registrar, Plano West Senior High School
    • 31 years - Doris Ratenski, ESL Specialist, Gulledge Elementary School
    • 31 years - Cyndy Spangrud, Fifth-Grade Teacher, Mitchell Elementary School
    • 31 years - Areail Thomas, Special Education & ECSE Teacher, Isaacs Early Childhood School
    • 31 years - Natalie Williams, Fifth-Grade Teacher, Boggess Elementary School
    • 32 years - Andi Goldsticker, Counselor, Bethany Elementary School
    • 32 years - Melissa Van Houten, Secondary Science Teacher, Rice Middle School
    • 33 years - Ann Kizer, Secondary PE, Speech, & Drama Teacher, Renner Middle School
    • 33 years - Anthony Morgan, PE/Health Teacher, Plano West Senior High School
    • 33 years - Mary Lynn Skinner, Director, Learning Media Services
    • 34 years - Sherri Corum, First-Grade Teacher, Weatherford Elementary School
    • 34 years - Barbara Nelson, ESL Team Leader, Plano West Senior High School
    • 35 years - Virginia Asiatico, Music Teacher, Daffron Elementary School
    • 35 years - Terri Azcarate, Counselor, Murphy Middle School
    • 35 years - Susan Geddes, Campus Instructional Specialist, Hunt Elementary School
    • 35 years - Randy Hayes, Associate Principal, Plano West Senior High School
    • 35 years - Tammy Nash, PASAR Zone Leader, Student, Family and Community Services
    • 36 years - Tammy Harbin, Secondary English & Reading Teacher, Renner Middle School
    • 36 years - Lynette Sparks, Fifth-Grade Teacher, Schell Elementary School
    • 36 years - Catherine Stevens, Health & PE Teacher, Schimelpfenig Middle School
    • 37 years - Maria Brooks, First-Grade Teacher, Carlisle Elementary School
    • 37 years - Johnny Sauceda Rodriquez, Special Education Teacher, Bethany Elementary School
    • 38 years - Junie Jones, Counselor, Plano Senior High School
    • 38 years - Vickie S. Vaughn, Special Education Teacher, Hedgcoxe Elementary School
    • 39 years - Pamela Hart, Counselor, Hughston Elementary School
    • 39 years - Glenda Rouse, Special Education Teacher, Armstrong Middle School

  • 20 or More Years of Service in Education

    • 20 years - Margaret Acton, Secretary, Plano East Senior High School
    • 21 years - Lewis Blount, Math Teacher, Williams High School
    • 21 years - Cynthia Graham, Fifth-Grade Teacher, Bethany Elementary School
    • 21 years - Toni Spruiell, Campus Technology Assistant, Hunt Elementary School
    • 22 years - Amparo Behmer, Instructional Support & Title I Support Teacher, Mitchell Elementary School
    • 22 years - Beth Carter, Art Teacher, Skaggs Elementary School
    • 22 years - Amy Henry, LSSP, Itinerant Special Education
    • 22 years - Caroline Houtchen, Secondary Science Teacher, Hendrick Middle School
    • 22 years - Carol Wilkins Rimka, Teacher of Visually Impaired, Itinerant Special Education
    • 23 years - Georgia Beauchamp, Gifted Specialist/PACE, Memorial Elementary School
    • 23 years - Sheryl D. Berry, ECM & Workflow Engineer, Technology Services
    • 23 years - Shelby Chesnut, Special Education Teacher, Shepton High School
    • 23 years - Tracy Ishman, Secondary Teacher, Plano West Senior High School
    • 23 years - Jackie McKnight, Special Education Teacher, Clark High School
    • 23 years - Beatriz E. Mejia, Pre-K & ECSE Bilingual Teacher, Pearson Early Childhood School
    • 23 years - Terri J. Richards, Secondary Teacher, Career & Technical Education / Schimelpfenig Middle School
    • 24 years - Autry Daniel, Assistant Director Employee Recruitment and Retention, Human Resources
    • 24 years - John Diaz, Bus Driver Repair, Transportation Services
    • 24 years - Sue Gagnon, Office Manager, Weatherford Elementary School
    • 24 years - Gloria Hernandez, Cafeteria Specialist, Food & Nutritional Services at Weatherford Elementary School
    • 24 years - Irene Hislop, Assistant Special Education, Schimelpfenig Middle School
    • 24 years - Rosa Linda Jackson, Assistant Special Education, Bowman Middle School
    • 24 years - Dayna Nehls, Office Manager, Hickey Elementary School
    • 24 years - Dana Pope, Special Education Teacher, Hughston Elementary School
    • 25 years - Camille Beckman, Gifted Specialist/PACE, Schell Elementary School
    • 25 years - Mark A. Brown, Spanish Teacher, McMillen High School
    • 26 years - Katy Cobern, Specialist FAST, Compliance/Accounting Services
    • 26 years - Jimmie Coyle, Assistant Special Education Teacher, Hughston Elementary School
    • 26 years - Beth Milinsky, Secondary History Teacher, Robinson Middle School
    • 27 years - Prudy Hammonds, Second-Grade Teacher, Wyatt Elementary School
    • 27 years - Jan Henderson, Academic Specialist, Rice Middle School
    • 27 years - Betsy Lennox, Third-Grade Teacher, Mitchell Elementary School
    • 27 years - Terry Smith, Dyslexia Teacher, Otto Middle School/Murphy Middle School
    • 28 years - Paige Burton, History Teacher, Murphy Middle School
    • 28 years - Lisa McCrann-Egner, Behavior Instructional Specialist, Itinerant Special Education
    • 28 years - Megan Schuler, Director, Benefits & Risk Management
    • 28 years - Keith Steele, Fourth-Grade Teacher, Mathews Elementary School
    • 28 years - Randi Weaver, Coordinator, Technology, Security & Help Desk
    • 29 years - Lisa Barrett, Secondary Science Teacher, Rice Middle School
    • 29 years - Nancy Ray, PE Teacher, IB World School at Huffman Elementary

  • 15 or More years of Service in Education

    • 15 years - Eva J. Holleman, Assistant PE, Centennial Elementary School
    • 16 years - Ann Deen, Special Education PE Teacher, Special Education Services
    • 16 years - Sharon Faubert, Secretary IV, Special Education Services
    • 16 years - Toni Kneedler, Fifth-Grade Teacher, Dooley Elementary School
    • 17 years - Linda Aponte, Fine Arts Teacher, Plano ISD Academy High School
    • 17 years - Luz-Dalia Buil-Valentin, Bilingual Teacher, Sigler Elementary School
    • 17 years - Ann Palesky, Special Education Teacher, Vines High School
    • 17 years - Elia M. Soto, Pre-K Bilingual Teacher, Mendenhall Elementary School
    • 17 years - Angela T. Williams, Special Education Teacher, Shepard Elementary School
    • 18 years - Bob Farris, Principal, Schell Elementary School
    • 18 years - Leslie Hart, Second-Grade Teacher, McCall Elementary School
    • 18 years - Janet Kaelin, Fourth-Grade Teacher, Stinson Elementary School
    • 18 years - Magda Levi, Spanish Teacher, Vines High School
    • 18 years - Kay Marshall, Secondary Math Teacher, Frankford Middle School
    • 19 years - Debbie Dempsky, Finance Clerk, Jasper High School / Vines High School
    • 19 years - Barbara Gomon, Librarian, Daffron Elementary School
    • 19 years - Jean Jones, Third-Grade Teacher, Hickey Elementary School
    • 19 years - Lisa Koehler, Assistant Title I, Thomas Elementary School
    • 19 years - Ellyn Reese-Fautsch, Special Education Bilingual Teacher, Meadows Elementary School
    • 19 years - Mary Smith, Office Manager, Daffron Elementary School

Service Pin Recipients

  •  Celebrating employees with 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years of service in Plano ISD.

  • 45 Years of Service

    • Sheri Landman - Robinson Middle School

  • 40 Years of Service

    • Lynda Bommarito - Hedgcoxe Elementary School
    • Sherry Green - Haun Elementary School
    • Harold Nutall - Clark High School

  • 35 Years of Service

    • Susan Geddes - Hunt Elementary School
    • Sherri Newman - Plano East Senior High School
    • Jayne Smith - Haun Elementary School
    • Jan Thomas - Hunt Elementary School

  • 30 Years of Service

    • Debbie Hendon Andrews - Transportation Services
    • Sherri Breard - Mitchell Elementary School
    • Trish Forson - Christie Elementary School
    • Jennifer Gaertner - Boggess Elementary School
    • Andi Goldsticker - Bethany Elementary School
    • Kristi Graham - Hedgcoxe Elementary School
    • Claire Jones - Food & Nutritional Services at Dooley Elementary School
    • Tracie Langford - McMillen High School
    • Tammy Nash - Campus Support Services / PASAR
    • Lynn Ojeda - Plano ISD Academy High School
    • Ann Patterson - Hughston Elementary School
    • Jonelle Peters - Shepard Elementary School
    • Jose Sandoval - Facility Services
    • Tiffany Sullivan - Davis Elementary School
    • Michele Taylor - Stinson Elementary School
    • Doneva Tucker - Academic Services
    • Leisa Williamson - Armstrong Middle School
    • Suzanne Wilson - Mitchell Elementary School
    • Irene Zamarripa - Food & Nutritional Services at Bowman Middle School

  • 25 Years of Service

    • Trish Alway - Hunt Elementary School
    • Carolina Arce - Food & Nutritional Services at Williams High School
    • Valerie Bailey - Harrington Elementary School
    • Howard Bates - Williams High School
    • Camille Beckman - Schell Elementary School
    • Leslie Berends - Jasper High School
    • Ali Chase - McMillen High School
    • Beth Cluff - Wyatt Elementary School
    • Betty Copeland - Special Education Services
    • Dr. Robert Croman - Plano West Senior High School
    • Julie-Anne Dean - Vines High School
    • Shirley Dendy - Beaty Early Childhood School
    • Chris Glasscock - Rice Middle School
    • Kristin Glasscock - Schell Elementary School
    • Spruce Haley - Technology Security / Help Desk
    • Chris Hykel - Facility Services
    • Rezvanieh Jafari - Food & Nutritional Services at Robinson Middle School
    • Candy Kern - Hunt Elementary School
    • Dolores Kotara - Shepard Elementary School
    • Debbie LaChey - Mendenhall Elementary School
    • John Lara - Plano East Senior High School
    • Mike Ledsome - Barksdale Elementary School / Plano West Senior High School
    • Debbie Little - Weatherford Elementary School
    • Shonda Mashburn - Wells Elementary School
    • Tita Matamoros - Multilingual Services
    • Tammy McCrary - Wyatt Elementary School
    • Melody McKee - Bethany Elementary School
    • Marisa Mejia - Hickey Elementary School
    • Stacey Noble - Mathews Elementary School
    • Dipikaben Patel - Food & Nutritional Services at Haggard Middle School
    • Linda Patrick - Carlisle Elementary School
    • Stefanie Ramos - Daffron Elementary School
    • Sharon Rollins - Athletics
    • Jennifer Ruth - Assessment, Research & Program Evaluation
    • Lori Scaglione - Boggess Elementary School
    • Nick Seibert - Murphy Middle School
    • Cathy Sidler - Jasper High School
    • Dusty Tanner - Robinson Middle School
    • Pam Turley - Distribution Services
    • Nicole Vickerman - Clark High School
    • Blair Wentworth - Haggard Middle School
    • Lene Westenburg - Bird Special Programs Center
    • Rick Woodard - Mathews Elementary School / Plano East Senior High School
    • Joyce Yang - Isaacs Early Childhood School
    • Jan Yeary - Benefits & Risk Management

  • 20 Years of Service

    • Margaret Acton - Plano East Senior High School
    • Mary Adame - Wilson Middle School
    • Dana Adams - Instructional Technology
    • Robert Adler - Carpenter Middle School
    • Brad Allcorn - Renner Middle School
    • Flor Alvarez - Isaacs Early Childhood School
    • Azam Anet - Schimelpfenig Middle School
    • Daniel Bartsch - Rice Middle School
    • Janis Bates - Shepton High School
    • Gwen Baumann - Guinn Special Programs Center
    • Susana Beltran - Food & Nutritional Services at Armstrong Middle School
    • Mily Bonilla - Itinerant Special Education / Weatherford Elementary School
    • LeaAnn Bonsukan - Hightower Elementary School
    • Sharon Bradley - Family & Social Services
    • Larry Brown - Instructional Technology
    • Buffy Bynum - Gulledge Elementary School
    • Jennifer Caplinger - Barksdale Elementary School
    • Elizabeth Carson - Plano Senior High School
    • Beth Carter - Skaggs Elementary School
    • Rochelle Carter - McMillen High School
    • Paula Chapman - Isaacs Early Childhood School
    • Hortensia Chaves - Mendenhall Elementary School
    • Cathy Chomistek - Daffron Elementary School
    • Leigh Clarkson - Dooley Elementary School
    • Linda Conerly - Itinerant Special Education
    • Stephanie Craft - Itinerant Special Education
    • Joanne Curley - Daffron Elementary School
    • Reuben Davis - Vines High School
    • Pamela Day - Plano East Senior High School
    • Vashka Desai - Jasper High School
    • Amanda Dunn - Plano East Senior High School
    • Marisol Ellett - Daffron Elementary School
    • Judith Elliott - Plano West Senior High School
    • Mary Enright - Food & Nutritional Services at Hickey Elementary School
    • Virginia Estrada - Food & Nutritional Services at Boggess Elementary School
    • Larae Fabrega - Centennial Elementary School
    • Marcy Feist - Mendenhall Elementary School
    • Shawn Flemmer - Boggess Elementary School
    • Charlette Gabriel - Safety & Security Services
    • Kelly Gauger - Rice Middle School
    • Noly Gomez - Isaacs Early Childhood School
    • Delia Gonzales - Food & Nutritional Services at Weatherford Elementary School
    • Barbara Gupton - Saigling Elementary School
    • Pam Hackney - Rasor Elementary School
    • Cynthia Hale-Rose - Wilson Middle School
    • Prudy Hammonds - Wyatt Elementary School
    • Kyle Harrell - Murphy Middle School
    • Loraleigh Harris - Plano Senior High School
    • Pamela Hart - Hughston Elementary School
    • Bridgette Hartley - Beaty Early Childhood School
    • Valerie Helm - Student Administrative Services
    • Janice Henderson - Rice Middle School
    • Ana Hernandez - Food & Nutritional Services at Jackson Elementary School
    • Nicolas Hill - Clark High School / Vines High School
    • Bobby Hillman - Itinerant Special Education
    • Ralph Hinds - Athletics
    • Briget Holdridge - Gulledge Elementary School
    • Kathy Horn - Plano West Senior High School
    • Daniel Houseworth - Facility Services
    • Lisa Hunsaker - Robinson Middle School
    • Takiyah Perry Jacquet - Regional Day School for the Deaf
    • Michael Jefferson - Learning Media Services
    • Julie Johnson - Rice Middle School
    • Diana Judd - Rasor Elementary School
    • James Kadlecek - Itinerant Special Education
    • Christine Kallman - Christie Elementary School
    • Stephen Kieffer - Guinn Special Programs Center
    • Kimberley Kimbrough - Barksdale Elementary School
    • Kathleen Knight - Shepton High School
    • Kevin Koger - Clark High School
    • Mark Lambert - Plano East Senior High School
    • Lori Lange - Head Start
    • Stacy Lawrence - Wells Elementary School
    • Leslie Leach - Davis Elementary School
    • Kathy Lewellen-Seal - Shepard Elementary School
    • Laurie Liefer - Vines High School
    • Santos Lozano - Mathews Elementary School
    • Monica Luckey - Clark High School
    • Liliana Lundie - Employee Recruitment & Retention
    • Amy Marciniak - Special Education Services
    • Heather Marek - Hickey Elementary School / Miller Elementary School
    • Kathryn Marlar - Bowman Middle School
    • Fannysteen Mays - Memorial Elementary School
    • Sabrina McElligott - Bethany Elementary School
    • Maceola McKinzie - Transportation Services
    • Michelle Melander - Itinerant Special Education
    • Yana Metersky - Itinerant Special Education
    • Connie Millard - Holifield Science Learning Center
    • Linda Millen - Memorial Elementary School
    • Janie Minghella - Benefits & Risk Management
    • Mitch Mitchell - Infrastructure Engineering
    • Jan Moody - Guinn Special Programs Center
    • Hollie Moreno - Isaacs Early Childhood School
    • Ellen Mulvey - Hedgcoxe Elementary School
    • Steve Neill - Transportation Services
    • Kristine Ollom - Forman Elementary School
    • Charles Ostertag - Shepton High School
    • Aesun Park - Beverly Elementary School
    • Emily Parks - Mendenhall Elementary School
    • Kristi Pavlasek - Barksdale Elementary School
    • Linda Pecot - Benefits & Risk Management
    • Jennifer Penny - Rice Middle School
    • Sandra Perez - Davis Elementary School
    • Chantell Pickles - Skaggs Elementary School
    • Monisha Pinkston - Rice Middle School
    • Benjamin Pirillo - Hughston Elementary School
    • Michele Poovey - Jasper High School
    • Martha Preston - IB World School at Huffman Elementary
    • Zack Pruett - Thomas Elementary School
    • Jennifer Quinones - Wyatt Elementary School
    • Joanne Ralston - Itinerant Special Education
    • MaryBeth Randecker - Plano West Senior High School
    • Mandy Reeves - Shepton High School
    • Huiching Reuter - Miller Elementary School
    • Loretta Revely - Sigler Elementary School
    • Tim Roberts - Sigler Elementary School
    • Sharon Rosborough - Plano Senior High School
    • Linda Ross - Shepton High School
    • Erika Sanchez - Renner Middle School
    • Scott Scarbrough - Barksdale Elementary School / Centennial Elementary School / Elementary Academic Services
    • Natalie Schellman - IB World School at Huffman Elementary
    • Cheryl Schrodel - Vines High School
    • Lisa Scott - Wilson Middle School
    • Juana Segura - Food & Nutritional Services at Williams High School
    • Eric Semifero - Plano East Senior High School
    • Kiran Sheth - Food & Nutritional Services at Hendrick Middle School
    • Gregory Shields - Plano Senior High School
    • Summer Simmons - Plano East Senior High School
    • Christy Smith - Barksdale Elementary School
    • Emily Soheili - Schell Elementary School
    • Joana Sorrels - Assessment, Research & Program Evaluation
    • Lisa Speckman - Wyatt Elementary School
    • Mariea Sprott - Hightower Elementary School
    • Amy Stadheim - Meadows Elementary School
    • Dr. Phillip Stager - Plano West Senior High School
    • Karen Stanton - Plano East Senior High School
    • Karen Stephens - Shepton High School
    • Ernest Sterling - Carpenter Middle School
    • Catherine Stevens - Schimelpfenig Middle School
    • Sara Stewart - Centennial Elementary School
    • Annette Stokes - Compensation/Employee Records
    • Terri Stout - Daffron Elementary School
    • Stuart Thresher - Hendrick Middle School
    • Tonya Toney - Carlisle Elementary School
    • Geannina Trujillo - Meadows Elementary School
    • Jacqueline Urcuyo - Carlisle Elementary School
    • Micah Valderrama - Skaggs Elementary School
    • Vickie Vaughn - Hedgcoxe Elementary School
    • Terry Vernon - Haggar Elementary School
    • Kristi Vest - Head Start
    • Lynn Villegas - Stinson Elementary School
    • Monika Walker - Learning Media Services
    • Patricia Walker - Rice Middle School
    • Paula Walls - Mathews Elementary School
    • Becky Weathers - Robinson Middle School
    • Lorrie Weidenbruch - Rice Middle School
    • Erica White - Gulledge Elementary School
    • Harold White - Boggess Elementary School
    • Allison Yarbrough - Andrews Elementary School
    • Barbara York - Davis Elementary School
    • Lisa Younger - Andrews Elementary School

  • 15 Years of Service

    15 year service pin video

    • Kyla Ahnemann - Skaggs Elementary School
    • Odilia Alqaq - Multilingual Services
    • Maria Alvarez - Meadows Elementary School
    • Katie Alvarez-Wright - Weatherford Elementary School
    • Shelley Antoniou - Hedgcoxe Elementary School
    • Adria Appiah-Amaning - Haggar Elementary School
    • Guillermina Arreguin - Food & Nutritional Services at Hickey Elementary School
    • Patricia Balderas - Meadows Elementary School
    • Mara Balladares - Sigler Elementary School
    • Jeffrey Banner - Shepton High School
    • Maria Berry - Purchasing Department
    • Gina Beville - Student Administrative Services
    • Christy Billingsley - eSchool
    • LaRell Bissett - Plano East Senior High School
    • Kathryn Blake - Skaggs Elementary School
    • Lewis Blount - Williams High School
    • Carolina Botero - Jackson Elementary School
    • Debora Bramlett - Vines High School
    • Jean Bricker - Transportation Services
    • Amy Brown - Facility Services
    • Alba Bueno - Food & Nutritional Services at Williams High School
    • Cynthia Buggs - Barron Elementary School
    • Nancy Burns - Brinker Elementary School
    • Donna Cachero - Aldridge Elementary School
    • Janice Calvert - Beaty Early Childhood School
    • Robbin Campbell - Davis Elementary School
    • Sue Campbell - Beverly Elementary School
    • Jeannette Cardona - Meadows Elementary School
    • Rachel Carlson - Plano Senior High School
    • Martha Champion - Carlisle Elementary School
    • Lindsay Chandler - Regional Day School for the Deaf
    • Mary St. Clair - Jackson Elementary School
    • Pamela Clark - Clark High School
    • Heather Colomina - McCall Elementary School
    • Matthew Conrad - Murphy Middle School
    • Sarah Council - Plano West Senior High School
    • Jamie Cox - Plano East Senior High School
    • Courtney Craven - Dooley Elementary School
    • Richard Cremer - Plano Senior High School
    • Jo Damewood - Murphy Middle School
    • Pamela Dassow-Nittinger - Plano East Senior High School
    • Paul Davidson - Armstrong Middle School
    • Jennifer Deibert - Andrews Elementary School
    • Martha Delapaz - Food & Nutritional Services at Davis Elementary School
    • Deborah DeLuca - Christie Elementary School
    • Jonni Easley - Schimelpfenig Middle School
    • Lisa Egner - Itinerant Special Education
    • Rachel Emmer - Itinerant Special Education
    • Sherri Eppler - Employee Recruitment & Retention
    • Andrea Erwin - Weatherford Elementary School
    • Aimee Estep - Skaggs Elementary School
    • Jennifer Evans - Otto Middle School
    • Tracy Evans - Wells Elementary School
    • Louise Gannon - Itinerant Special Education
    • Sydney Gantzer - Beaty Early Childhood School
    • Rocky Garcia - Haggard Middle School
    • Tonya Garrett - Regional Day School for the Deaf
    • Margaret Garza-Jimenez - Rice Middle School
    • Jeanine Gaston - Plano West Senior High School
    • Stephanie Godfrey - Davis Elementary School
    • Lindsay Gregory - Vines High School
    • Tiffany Grimes - Plano Senior High School
    • Amy Gross - Plano West Senior High School
    • Olivia Gurski - Clark High School
    • Tommy Guynes - Plano East Senior High School
    • Michelle Hahn - Facility Services
    • Andrea Hale - Haggar Elementary School
    • Carl Hale - Aldridge Elementary School
    • Tammy Harbin - Renner Middle School
    • Michelle Hardy - Jackson Elementary School
    • Samuel Harrison - Plano East Senior High School
    • Jen Haugh - Pearson Early Childhood School
    • Deborah Heineman - Compensation/Employee Records
    • Megan Henderson - Frankford Middle School
    • Fanny Heninger - Regional Day School for the Deaf
    • Michael Hernandez - Plano Senior High School
    • Roxana Hernandez - Food & Nutritional Services
    • Howard Hill - eSchool
    • Abby Hines-Homer - Otto Middle School
    • Sherry Holsomback - Regional Day School for the Deaf
    • Stephanie Houser - Miller Elementary School
    • Stephanie Hykel - Haggar Elementary School
    • Misti Jackson - Mathews Elementary School
    • Denise Jenkins - Mitchell Elementary School
    • Sharna Jett - Isaacs Early Childhood School
    • Brittany Jones - Dooley Elementary School
    • Roslyn Jones - Bethany Elementary School
    • Kathleen Jones-Powell - Daffron Elementary School
    • Dottie Jordan - Jasper High School
    • Tiffany Joslyn - Haggard Middle School
    • Jennifer Kay - Centennial Elementary School
    • Ranneh Kayfan - Frankford Middle School
    • Marisol Kelley - Davis Elementary School
    • Bobbi Kennedy - Purchasing Department
    • Ted Kincaid - Plano West Senior High School
    • Cindy Klapper - Financial Services
    • Nanci Knight - Meadows Elementary School
    • Rachael Kowalski - Plano Senior High School
    • Kimberly Kreutzer - Plano East Senior High School
    • Alexander Lagos - Murphy Middle School
    • Lauren Lattman - Hightower Elementary School
    • Julie Lazcano - Food & Nutritional Services at Shepard Elementary School
    • Steven Lewis - Plano East Senior High School
    • Michael Lindsey - Secondary Academic Services
    • Rich Lockhart - Facility Services
    • Joy Lovell - Andrews Elementary School
    • Kim Lowery - Brinker Elementary School
    • Fabiola Lozano - Hickey Elementary School
    • Maritza Macias - Food & Nutritional Services at IB World School at Huffman Elementary
    • Deanna Madon - Elementary Academic Services
    • Monica Maldonado - Hickey Elementary School
    • Sandra Manglona - Food & Nutritional Services at Andrews Elementary School
    • Isabel Marquez - Beaty Early Childhood School
    • Virginia Mathys - Miller Elementary School
    • Anya McCarthy - Rice Middle School
    • Todd McConaughy - Wilson Middle School
    • Leo McDaniel - Robinson Middle School
    • Tiffany McDaniel - Thomas Elementary School
    • Michele McNeel - Barron Elementary School
    • Esther Mendoza - McCall Elementary School
    • Lilia Mendoza - Food & Nutritional Services at Meadows Elementary School
    • Max Mondragon - Transportation Services
    • Whitney Monk - Wells Elementary School
    • Anthony J. Morgan - Plano West Senior High School
    • Carlos Murillo - Transportation Services
    • Deanna Murray - Memorial Elementary School
    • Debbie Murray - Solomon Adult Transition Center
    • Marie Myers - Regional Day School for the Deaf
    • Leslie Nichols - Armstrong Middle School
    • Dawne Niethamer - Family & Social Services
    • Angela Ogburn - Health Services
    • Octavio Oropeza - Plano East Senior High School
    • Leslie Pattinson - Bowman Middle School
    • Sonja Pegram - Guinn Special Programs Center
    • Lindsey Petropoulos - Rice Middle School
    • Pam Pham - Itinerant Special Education
    • Johnnie Pierce-Wise - Plano East Senior High School
    • Mohammad Popal - Transportation Services
    • Bethany Poston - Clark High School
    • Jennifer Potash - Davis Elementary School
    • Sharon Price - Jasper High School
    • Janine Rackley - Plano East Senior High School
    • Ashley Rael - Schimelpfenig Middle School
    • Catina Rand - Transportation Services
    • Aretha Redwine - Transportation Services
    • Joel Remakel - Multilingual Services
    • Molly Rich - Plano West Senior High School
    • Willie Richardson - Facility Services
    • Angie Ritchie - Renner Middle School
    • Ann Robb - Transportation Services
    • Marcy Robertini-Sandiford - Frankford Middle School
    • Hilda Rodriguez - Daffron Elementary School
    • Yahaira Rodriguez - Plano West Senior High School
    • Michael Rogers - Facility Services
    • Rafael Rosales - Facility Services
    • Linda Rozeboom - Thomas Elementary School
    • Griselda Ruvalcaba - Jackson Elementary School
    • Lori Saenz - Assessment, Research & Program Evaluation
    • John Schlosser - Schimelpfenig Middle School
    • Deedra Schmidt - Bethany Elementary School
    • Michelle Schuler - Otto Middle School
    • Brian Seay - Guinn Special Programs Center
    • Cindy Segler - Renner Middle School
    • Kristin Simka - Bird Special Programs Center / Meadows Elementary School
    • Neelima Singh - Renner Middle School
    • Elia M. Soto - Mendenhall Elementary School
    • Laura Spear - Vines High School
    • Lanetta Stevenson - Pearson Early Childhood School
    • Kimberly Stuber - Plano Senior High School
    • Maria Sucre - Memorial Elementary School
    • Sheela Suresh - Christie Elementary School
    • Miya Switser - Centennial Elementary School
    • Nina Tabanian - Hedgcoxe Elementary School
    • Amy Taitel - Mitchell Elementary School
    • Julie Tallant - Plano West Senior High School
    • Paula Taychameekiatchai - Jasper High School
    • Christopher Taylor - Gulledge Elementary School
    • Sheela Thomas - Plano Senior High School
    • Bryan Thurman - Clark High School
    • Yvonne Tijerina - Boggess Elementary School
    • Michael Tucker - Clark High School
    • Vickie Vega - Schell Elementary School
    • Amanda Viavattene - Wells Elementary School
    • Cindy Villanueva - Daffron Elementary School
    • Paul Vincent - Transportation Services
    • Brian Vincer - Armstrong Middle School
    • Courtney Washington - Carpenter Middle School
    • Linda Westenhiser - Harrington Elementary School
    • Diana Wetzel - Boggess Elementary School
    • Lisa Whitman - Renner Middle School
    • Lauren Wilson - Mathews Elementary School
    • Nina Yates - Bowman Middle School
    • Bryan Yee - Plano Senior High School
    • Jim Yerger - Wyatt Elementary School
    • Temin Yilmaz - Rasor Elementary School
    • Mark Yoder - Plano Senior High School
    • Diane Young - Bowman Middle School
    • Iffat Zaidi - Beaty Early Childhood School
    • Barbara Zapata - Facility Services

  • 10 Years of Service

    10 year service pin video

    • Elizabeth Adkins - Shepard Elementary School
    • Kelly Aguirre - Hendrick Middle School
    • Judi Altstatt - Haggard Middle School
    • Maria Hidalgo Alvarez - Forman Elementary School
    • Soussan Ansari - Food & Nutritional Services at Gulledge Elementary School
    • Luz Luna Arias - Barron Elementary School
    • Mirna Avila - Thomas Elementary School
    • William Barkhurst - Plano West Senior High School
    • Lipi Barua - Beaty Early Childhood School
    • Brian Bell - Copy Services
    • Meredith Bolin - Food & Nutritional Services
    • Pascale Bonvalot - Murphy Middle School / Otto Middle School
    • Gurpreet Brar - Plano ISD Academy High School
    • Tony Brown - Transportation Services
    • Buddy Burch - Transportation Services
    • Ruth Ann Byerly - Frankford Middle School
    • Lori Calloway - Plano Senior High School
    • Amber Carter - Clark High School
    • Clarissa Carter - Student & Family Services
    • Erin Clapp - Hickey Elementary School
    • Allison Clark - Haggar Elementary School
    • Terry Cline - Transportation Services
    • Cindy Collenburg - Schimelpfenig Middle School
    • Michelle Conway - Renner Middle School
    • Johnny Cowley - Transportation Services
    • Abby Cramer - Haun Elementary School
    • Karyn Crowe - Secondary Academic Services
    • Libby Crowley - Sigler Elementary School
    • Janice Cruz - Beaty Early Childhood School
    • Mina Custer - Haggar Elementary School
    • Elyse Daly - Barksdale Elementary School
    • Amanda Dunford - Aldridge Elementary School
    • Jeremy Dunford - Aldridge Elementary School
    • Pency Katherine Edel - Frankford Middle School
    • Donna Edwards - Vines High School
    • Alvis Elledge - Hughston Elementary School
    • Julio Enriquez - Shepton High School
    • Patricia Escobar - Meadows Elementary School
    • Etedal Espino - Purchasing Department
    • Pam Ewell - Pearson Early Childhood School
    • Eric Feldman - Clark High School
    • Esmeralda Fernandez - Weatherford Elementary School
    • Eleonora Frigerio - Robinson Middle School
    • Sam Fung - Plano West Senior High School
    • Andres Garcia - Facility Services
    • Emily Garner - Williams High School
    • Karen Gay - Dooley Elementary School
    • Meagan Gilleland - Andrews Elementary School
    • Rafael Godinez - Facility Services
    • Monica Gonzalez - Benefits & Risk Management
    • Gralynna Goodlin - Regional Day School for the Deaf
    • Kristen Grassi - Plano West Senior High School
    • Judy Guynes - Plano East Senior High School
    • Michael Hardy - Plano ISD Academy High School
    • Melissa Harris - Haggard Middle School
    • Shelley Hawkins - Renner Middle School
    • Jerri Hennessy - Shepton High School
    • Susan Hicks - Guinn Special Programs Center
    • Robert Holden - Plano West Senior High School
    • Yolly Houck - Food & Nutritional Services at Guinn Special Program Center
    • Brook Hughes - Regional Day School for the Deaf
    • Judy Humphrey - Financial Services
    • Dena Hunter - Daffron Elementary School
    • Shaheda Hussain - Employee Child Care
    • Scott Johnson - Plano East Senior High School
    • Gwendolyn White Johnston - Solomon Adult Transition Center
    • Elizabeth Jones - Murphy Middle School
    • Carol Kaplan - Mitchell Elementary School
    • Sylvia Kemeni - Williams High School
    • Amy Kincaid - Jackson Elementary School
    • Whitney Kinsman - Miller Elementary School
    • Mahshid Lakan - Transportation Services
    • Alethia Lamp - Barron Elementary School
    • Aisha Locke - Dooley Elementary School
    • Kathryn Loftin - Saigling Elementary School
    • Amy Lopez - Centennial Elementary School / Harrington Elementary School
    • Danny Lozano - Plano Senior High School
    • John Lubow - Plano East Senior High School
    • Linda Martin - Clark High School
    • Chrystal Mathis - Aldridge Elementary School
    • Lori McCaffrey - Barksdale Elementary School
    • Tom McCaffrey - Jasper High School
    • Scott McCleneghan - Plano East Senior High School
    • Lisa McLeroy - Clark High School / Plano Senior High School
    • Susan McNamara - Wilson Middle School
    • Cole Meger - Daffron Elementary School
    • Yasmin Meghani - Mathews Elementary School
    • Diana Mejia - Student Admin Services
    • Jessica Milbery - McCall Elementary School
    • Stephanie Milby - Plano Senior High School
    • Natalie Montgomery - Plano East Senior High School
    • Michelle Moore - Itinerant Special Education
    • Sarah Moore - Clark High School
    • Tiffany Moore - Itinerant Special Education
    • Yesenia Morales - Food & Nutritional Services at Armstrong Middle School
    • Rhonda Morgan - Robinson Middle School
    • Rachel Morin - Transportation Services
    • Chris Mutke - Schimelpfenig Middle School
    • Natalie Nelson - Haun Elementary School
    • Jennifer Newberry - Beaty Early Childhood School
    • Amanda Newsome - Mathews Elementary School
    • Stacey Nichols - Health Services
    • Erika Olivo - Skaggs Elementary School
    • Deidra O'Neal - Food & Nutritional Services
    • Natalie Owles - Food & Nutritional Services
    • Christine Pao - Carlisle Elementary School
    • Susan Pape - Hightower Elementary School
    • Irma Parra - Food & Nutritional Services at Dooley Elementary School
    • Allison Parsons - Christie Elementary School
    • Marisol Pauling - Isaacs Early Childhood School
    • Laura Perry - Murphy Middle School
    • Angela Adame Picazo - Beaty Early Childhood School
    • Monica Pilcher - Employee Child Care
    • Aleyda Plata - Shepton High School
    • Grigor Poghosyan - Transportation Services
    • Bridgett Prather - Mitchell Elementary School
    • Jason Price - Vines High School
    • Hayley Pyle - Haun Elementary School
    • Maribel Ramon - Bowman Middle School
    • Lavel Ramsey - Distribution Services
    • Dawn Raschke - Aldridge Elementary School
    • Stephanie Rausch - Plano Senior High School
    • Liz Reyes - Food & Nutritional Services
    • Kathleen Ritz - Mendenhall Elementary School
    • Dr. Najah Robinson-Moss - Plano West Senior High School
    • Michelle Roche - Rasor Elementary School
    • Claudia Romanczukiewicz - Haggard Middle School
    • Jacqueline Rosenquist - Hughston Elementary School
    • Wendy Rupp - Plano Senior High School
    • Jim Sager - Transportation Services
    • Hilda Salas - Bowman Middle School
    • Lauren Saldana - Itinerant Special Education
    • Juana Sauceda - Food & Nutritional Services at Bethany Elementary School
    • Emily Schattle - Mendenhall Elementary School
    • Susan Schlueter - Brinker Elementary School
    • Michael Scott - Schimelpfenig Middle School
    • Caleb Senbayrak - Shepton High School
    • Suki Shah - Pearson Early Childhood School
    • Nancy Shaw - Jackson Elementary School
    • Lindsey Shellstrom - Rasor Elementary School
    • LeighAnn Sheppard - Rasor Elementary School
    • Tammy Shirley - Itinerant Special Education
    • Matthew Sipes - eSchool
    • Lindsay Sivick - IB World School at Huffman Elementary
    • Judith Solis - Jackson Elementary School
    • Laura Stehlin - Thomas Elementary School
    • Ashley Stein - McCall Elementary School
    • Angie Stout - Pearson Early Childhood School
    • Gary Sullivan - Plano Senior High School
    • Timothy Sullivan - Clark High School
    • Paige Taylor - Rasor Elementary School
    • Jennifer Thompson - Memorial Elementary School
    • Regina Tisdell - Sigler Elementary School
    • Dung Tran - Hickey Elementary School
    • Whitney Truong - Beverly Elementary School
    • Katherine Tsao - Food & Nutritional Services at Carlisle Elementary School
    • Cindy Vo - Wilson Middle School
    • Barbara Wahl - Schimelpfenig Middle School
    • Daniel Walden - Jasper High School
    • Mark Weathersbee - Food & Nutritional Services at Mendenhall Elementary School
    • Matt Wester - Plano East Senior High School
    • Clay Wheeler - Vines High School
    • Lindsay Wheeler - Isaacs Early Childhood School
    • Andrew White - Transportation Services
    • Rhonda White-Myles - Boggess Elementary School
    • Donelle Wiechman - Plano Senior High School
    • Brittany Wilson - IB World School at Huffman Elementary
    • Pei-ru Wu - Food & Nutritional Services at Jasper High School
    • Mingshen Yen - Food & Nutritional Services at Hendrick Middle School
    • Stacy Ynostrosa - Regional Day School for the Deaf
    • Mande Young - Rice Middle School

Notable Notes

  • baby

    Notable Notes - April (PISD network login required)

    Discover news about your colleagues' weddings, births of children and grandchildren and expressions of sympathy to those who have lost loved ones. To protect staff privacy, this information is now located on the staff pages of the website. Click the read more link and please log in to the website with your network ID and password when prompted.

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  • April 20: Work Session

    The Plano ISD Board of Trustees met in a work session on Tuesday, April 20. View meeting agenda and meeting video.


    • Approval of the Interlocal Cooperation Agreement By and Between the Plano Independent School District and the City of Dallas


    • Section 504 Update
    • 2021-2022 Preliminary Budget Update
    • 2021-2022 School Year Instructional Plan
    • Annual Announcement of Board Member Required Continuing Education

  • April 6: Board Meeting

    The Plano ISD Board of Trustees met in regular session on Tuesday, April 6. View meeting agenda and meeting video.


    • Trey Dickey, Plano East Senior High, was honored by the Board for his 500-Yard Freestyle Swimming State Championship win in February.

    Zoom screen Trey Dickey, PESH, State Swimming Champ & Coach Lena Harrington

    On February 26, Trey Dickey, a senior at Plano East Senior High, won the 500-yard Freestyle State Championship! Dickey has been swimming competitively since he was six years old, and this was his fourth trip to the state tournament as a Plano East Panther. Plano East Swim Coach Lena Harrington said that, "Trey is an impressive swimmer, great student and team mate." Dickey has been named All American two of his first three years and is waiting on his third nomination when times are submitted from around the country. Coach Harrington also said she knew he was state championship bound as soon as he came out for the team his freshman year. Dickey plans to continue his success story as a scholarship athlete at Texas A&M next year.



  • March 23: Work Session

    The Plano ISD Board of Trustees met in a work session on Tuesday, March 23 View meeting agenda and meeting video.


  • March 2: Board Meeting

    The Plano ISD Board of Trustees met in a regular session on Tuesday, March 2, 2021. View meeting agenda and meeting video.


    • The Board of Trustees and Superintendent Sara Bonser recognized CFO Randy McDowell and the facility services department for their professional response to the winter storm damage. " I am very proud of Randy McDowell and his facilities team. Randy and his group were out in the storm, working around the clock to mitigate the damages. They were there when we needed them," said Superintendent Bonser.

    Zoom Screen of Facility Services personnel with Superintendent and COO

    Zoom screen: top row, Facilities Services Manager Amy Brown; Executive Director of Facility Services Juan Ramos; Warehouse/Grounds Manager Marcos Rodriguez Trejo; middle row: Central Cluster Manager Jason Wink; West Cluster Manager Bill Couzynse; Manager Operations & Energy Michelle Hahn; and bottom row: Regional Director of Operations, ABM Building Services, LLC Ricky Dobbs; and Environmental Compliance Manager Manuel Rodriquez. East Cluster Manager Jose Alvarez was unable to attend. Seated are Superintendent Sara Bonser and Chief Operating Officer Dr. Theresa Williams. View video.


    • Approval of Board Operating Protocol Section Revisions


  • Community Flyers Now Online in the Materials Distribution Portal

    Have a flyer to distribute or need to know what is available in the community for your children? Check out the new MD Portal the district's virtual distribution area.

  • Graduation Class of 2021

    Senior High logos


    All graduations will be held at:

    Plano ISD's Clark Stadium, 6600 Stadium Drive, Plano, Texas 75023

    Dates and Times (barring any weather-related delays)

    Academy High School
    Wednesday, June 2
    8:00 p.m.; gates open at 7:00 p.m.

    Plano Senior High School
    Thursday, June 3
    8:00 p.m.; gates open at 6:30 p.m.

    Plano West Senior High School
    Friday, June 4
    8:00 p.m.; gates open at 6:30 p.m.

    Plano East Senior High School
    Saturday, June 5
    8:00 p.m.; gates open at 6:30 p.m.

    Rain Dates (if needed): June 6-7, 2021

    More information about graduation including tickets, live streaming and COVID-19 protocols.

  • Virtual Job Fair June 2 for Teachers and Classroom Support Staff

    Plano ISD will be hosting a virtual job fair for teachers and classroom support staff on June 2, 2021 from 2-4 p.m. All Plano ISD campuses will have a virtual booth where candidates can visit, connect, and chat with campus administrators about current and future opportunities. Registration is required to attend the virtual fair. Visit www.pisd.edu/jobs for registration details.

  • PASAR Part-Time Job Openings

    Help Spread the Word: PASAR Part-Time Job Openings Are Available

    Plano ISD has part-time openings for PASAR activity specialists to supervise elementary students in the district’s after-school program. This is a great job opportunity for those interested in education or early childhood programs and those who are looking for afternoon hours. The position pays $11/hour or $13/hour for those with at least 60 college credit hours. 

  • Health Reminder for Staff

    Health Reminder for Staff

    All staff working in a Plano ISD facility should continue to follow all current health and safety guidelines. Please wear a face mask whenever entering or leaving a building, in all common areas, and when you are around others. Your face mask should cover your nose and mouth at all times. Maintain a safe distance (at least 6 feet) from others, whenever possible. Continue to practice good hand hygiene and keeping your workspace clean.

    All employees are expected to complete the self-screener prior to entering a district building. You should also be checking your temperature at home. If you are ill, please take care of yourself. Stay home and report to your supervisor if any of the following scenarios apply

    • You or a household member have tested positive for COVID-19
    • You or a household member are waiting on COVID-19 test results
    • You are experiencing symptoms that could be COVID-19. Symptoms to watch for include coughing, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, headache, sore throat, fever, chills, body aches, fatigue, new loss of taste or smell, congestion or runny nose, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea
    • You have had known close contact with an infectious individual in the last 10 days 

    If any of the above scenarios apply to you, please also complete the Employee Reporting Form and a nurse from District Health Services will contact you to discuss your quarantine requirements.  

    Take care of yourself and each other, as well as your students, by continuing to adhere to these recommendations and guidelines. 

  • Free GED and ESL classes for Adults

    In español

    In collaboration with Plano ISD, Collin Adult Education & Literacy located at 2000 N. Central Expressway, Suite 115, is offering free GED and English as a second language (ESL) classes for eligible adults in the Plano community. Virtual classes are available. The virtual class times are as follows until further notice:


    • Monday–Thursday: 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., or 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.


    • Monday–Thursday: 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
    • Tuesdays & Thursdays: 9:00 to 11:30 a.m.
    • To register for these free classes, call 972-349-4550 or send an email to collinael@grayson.edu. For more information, visit their website at www.collinael.com.

  • Opt in to Receive Text Messages from the District

    Plano ISD has implementied a text messaging option to provide our community (including employees) with more ways to receive school and district information. Opt in today by texting “Y” to 67587.

    If you don’t opt in manually, and the district has a cell phone number for you, you will receive a text message from Plano ISD inviting you to opt in. The message will read:

    “Plano Independent School District messages. Reply Y to confirm, HELP 4 info. Msg&data rates may apply. Msg freq varies. schoolmessenger.com/tm”

    You must reply to this text message with “Y” to opt in to continue receiving text messages from the district.  For more information, please visit the "Text Opt in" webpage.

  • New! PreguntaPISD@pisd.edu

    PreguntaPISD is our new e-mailbox for Spanish-speaking families who need assistance or additional information. Please encourage families to email questions to preguntaPISD@pisd.edu to receive answers in Spanish. 

  • How to Join PTA

    How to Join PTA

    Be part of every child’s success story! Please join parents, students, fellow educators and community members to make students’ dreams come true! You do not need to have a student in Plano ISD to join. Complete the Community PTA Membership form to Join PTA.

  • Download the Mobile App

    Download the Mobile App

    Get connected; stay connected. Download the Mobile App and login for student data and alerts. Link to download instructions.

  • Updates for Staff

    Stay Connected. All COVID-19 staff updates are archived on the website