• Mobile Broadcast Cart

    The mobile broadcast carts (MBC) are designed to serve as the focal point of our districtwide 116 channel cable TV system. The capability now exists to allow live video production to occur within a building and be broadcast and received by any campus in the district. Of course, any video production can be recorded and re-broadcast at a later time using this same mobile broadcast cart. In addition, a campus may request to not only have their broadcast available within our district system, but also to provide that signal to the community at-large over our public access cable channels. This is all accomplished through our new fiber network with connections directly to our Learning Media Services area at Shiloh. From there, connections are made to Plano East where the public access channels originate.

    This video broadcast technology is not meant to replace video conferencing technology. Although each uses our new network, the broadcast technology is available to every site and uses our proven analog TV capability and is primarily designed to provide easy video programming from one source to many sources. Our video conference units operate over our data network and generally work best in a one-to-one type of interactive setting.

    This page provides instructions for using the mobile broadcast cart systems (MBC). It includes inventory (components list), setup instructions, and ideas for using. Choose "From Set Up To Broadcasting" for a four page step-by-step guide (Acrobat PDF). Choose from the additional presentation topics for more detail and instruction. 

    Let us know of the interesting ways in which you and your campus are making use of this latest technology initiative by sending an email to one of the contacts below.