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    Dual credit courses are college courses taken during high school. Students who successfully complete dual credit courses earn both high school and college credit for one course. Plano ISD partners with Collin College to offer dual credit courses.

    Plano ISD offers both academic and workforce education dual credit courses. College credits earned through dual credit courses are on the student’s college transcript as well as the high school transcript. There are tuition fees associated with dual credit courses, but students receiving free or reduced lunch benefits may have tuition waived.

  • Benefits of Dual Credit

    Benefits of Dual Credit

    Many dual credit courses transfer to Texas public colleges and universities, private institutions, and some out-of-state colleges and universities. Completing dual credit courses can accelerate time to degree completion, which also allows students to save money on college tuition. Taking college courses while in high school can help build confidence in students and ease the transition to college, and increase the likelihood of graduating from college.

  • Collin College Resources 

    Below are helpful resources that are most commonly used for dual credit students. 



    Every student must set-up OneLogin. You will be required to download the OneLogin Protect app to access your Collin College online resources.  OneLogin Resources


    Disability Services for Collin College are provided through their ACCESS Office. Special Education and 504 students who need accommodations will need to meet with the ACCESS Office before each semester to discuss the student’s plan and get the proper paperwork to share with the Collin College professors for each dual credit course. Please contact them using the website ACCESS and/or email them at access@collin.edu

    1. Visit your Accommodations Coordinator at your high school
    2. Visit ACCESS office each semester

    Tutoring Services

    Collin College offers free in-person and online tutoring assistance for Collin College students. For information and to schedule an appointment, visit the Anthony Peterson Center for Academic Assistance webpage. 

    Wylie Campus
    391 Country Club Road
    Wylie, TX 75098

    Collin College CANVAS Platform

    Canvas is an online platform used for your coursework. For Canvas Assistance and information pertaining to your dual credit class, visit Student Canvas Resources.

  • Cost of Dual Credit

    Students and parents may save significantly on tuition and fees by taking dual credit courses while in high school.

    Tuition at Collin College is $67 per credit hour. Many courses are 3 credit hours, totaling $201 per course. Tuition is paid per semester. Note: There may be additional technology fees depending on the course. 

    Paying Online

    1. Log into your CougarWeb account
    2. From “Quick Links,” select “CougarPay
    3. Make your payment by credit card or web check

    Paying in Person

    • Visit the Cashier office at any Collin College campus.

    Collin College waives tuition for free and reduced lunch students, pending continued funding.

    All fees are subject to change upon approval of the Collin Board of Trustees.

  • Dual Credit Courses offered in Plano ISD

    Plano ISD Course Name Collin College Course Name Grade Offered
    English Language Dual Credit ENGL 1301/ENGL 1302 11th -12th 
    English Literature Dual Credit ENGL 2332/ENGL 2333 12th
    Algebra/Statistics MATH 1314/MATH 1342 11th -12th 
    Algebra/Pre-Cal  MATH 1314/MATH 2412 See note 1 11th -12th 
    Multivariable Calculus MATH 2320/MATH 2415 11th -12th
    Biology Dual Credit BIOL 1406/BIOL 1407 11th -12th 
    US History Dual Credit HIST 1301/HIST 1302 11th
    US Government Dual Credit GOVT 2305 12th
    Texas Government See note 2 GOVT 2306 11th - 12th
    Economics Dual Credit ECON 2301 12th
    Speech Dual Credit  SPCH 1311  10th -12th  See note 3

    Note 1: Students may take Statistics (MATH 1314/1342) OR Pre-Cal (MATH 1314/2412). Students must choose one or the other but may not take both. 
    Note 2: GOVT 2306 does not satisfy Texas high school graduation requirements.
    Note 3: WCA students will take SPCH 1311 in 9th grade and all other students may take it starting in 10th grade. 

  • Syllabus, Technology, and Textbooks


    Check your syllabus on Canvas before classes start. Your course syllabus will list important information, including but not limited to:

    • How to contact your instructor
    • Assignment due dates
    • Textbook requirements
    • Grading System
    • Learning Outcomes
    • Collin College Policies


    Collin College uses Canvas for your coursework. You will need access to a computer to upload assignments in Canvas. If you are having trouble with Canvas, OneLogin, Cougarweb, or Workday please contact the Collin College Help Desk: HELP DESK


    Check each course syllabus for required textbooks. Verify book edition on the Collin College Bookstore website.

    Free and Reduced Lunch

    Free and reduced lunch students don’t need to buy textbooks, contact:

    Tina Venegas
    Secondary Academic Services

  • Transfering Your Dual Credit Courses

    Transfer Information

    Dual credit courses with Collin College will transfer to most public 4-year and 2-year institutions. It is the students responsibility to check with their intended university to make sure the Collin College course will transfer AND be applied to their degree plan. Helpful transfer links are below to assist students with this process. 

    Some institutions provide transfer plans/guides for students who wish to transfer credits from another institution. These plans are helpful when planning which courses to register for. *Transfer plans/guides may change each catalog year. Please check the year of the transfer guide*

    Plan/Guide Websites by Institution

    Institutions that use Transferology: OU, Baylor

    Another helpful website is the Texas Common Course Numbering System (TCCNS). Students can use this website to see if their Collin College courses will transfer to any Texas public and private institution. It is important to check with the institution to see if the course will be applied to your degree plan.

    How to Send My Dual Credit Courses to My Intended Institution

    Students will need to order official transcripts through Collin College for their dual credit courses. The dual credit class will be on their high school transcript showing their high school credits, however they need the Collin College transcript to show their college credit. Each Collin College official transcript cost $5.00. Collin College transcripts can be ordered through Parchment at TRANSCRIPT ORDER.