• Exploring Pathways to College and Careers

  • Plano ISD wants to ensure that our graduates are Life Ready and possess the skills and knowledge that enable them to be future-ready citizens and leaders in the global workforce. Plano ISD offers a wide variety of opportunities for students to meet College and Career readiness standards while attending our outstanding secondary campuses.

    Below you will find informational videos on College and Career Readiness as well as Career and Technical Education Programs of Study. Additionally, to assist students in designing or revising their high school 4-year plan the Career and Technical Education department has developed videos allowing you to Explore the CTE Career Clusters. Click on the links below to view those videos. 



  • Exploring CTE Career Clusters and Programs of Study

    Plano ISD’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses provide knowledge and skills for students that may be used in high school, college, and careers after graduation. Employers are continuously seeking workforce ready professionals; and our CTE courses blend academics and career skills while incorporating professional skills to produce well-rounded, life-ready graduates who can meet the demands of our community, state, and beyond.

    CTE courses are grouped by Career Cluster, each with a video to explore (see below). Within each Career Cluster are a variety of Programs of Study. Programs of Study are suggested coherent course sequences that tie to a graduation endorsement and offer strong vertical alignment between secondary and postsecondary education.  The suggested course pathways are intended to provide guidance to students who are seeking college and career readiness through course content and industry based certifications. As you create your 4-year plan with your counselor, you will have the opportunity to choose one or more programs which will help determine the courses you take in high school.

    Please spend some time reviewing our Programs of Study by clicking on the images below and viewing our Career Cluster videos.  For additional information, visit our Programs of Study website.

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