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    Outdoor School Classes at Collin County Adventure Camp

    Outdoor School classes are an extension of the school curriculum. The students participate in 4 classes while at camp. Each class is approximately 2 ½ hours in length and is taught outdoors. The students have the opportunity to interact with their natural environment and see how they impact it on a daily basis.


    Safety will always be our top priority. At this time we are planning the full camp experience. We will continue to monitor and adjust as directives are provided by government authorities and/or health officials or as public health conditions change.

    We remain prepared for any weather conditions while at camp. As long as students can be happy and safe outside, the program will include outdoor activities. All YMCA staff members are trained to monitor and recognize severe weather. Cabins and buildings serve as severe weather shelters.

    Forest Adventure

    The Forest Adventure involves hands-on exploration of the forest ecosystem and its place in northern Texas. Students will travel through the forest gathering evidence. They will use this evidence to explain how the parts of an ecosystem are interdependent and what happens to the ecosystem when one of its parts becomes depleted.

    Race Through Time

    Imagine going back in time to a place where the land was wild and untamed. You are on a journey of discovery. You will be competing against your classmates to see who can solve the mysteries of the past. As a group, you will have to solve clues to proceed to the next adventure.

    You have ventured from the east to start a new life. You need land that can support your family and your traveling party. Will the land be fertile enough for you to grow your food? Is there enough water to sustain life? These are the questions you will answer as you "Race Through Time”!

    Water Lab and Boating

    The Water Lab / Boating class creates an opportunity for students to interact with the abundance of life in, out, and around Lindberg Lake, Collin County Adventure Camp’s very own freshwater ecosystem. Through a variety of explorative, hands-on, and inquiry-based activities, students will make fascinating discoveries and connections that will guide them toward a greater appreciation of aquatic habitats. In the second half of the class, the students will have the opportunity to canoe and fish. Students will be required to wear a life vest to participate in these activities. Fishing equipment is provided for the students.

    Challenge Course and Archery

    The Challenge Course and Archery class focus on the students working together as a cooperative group. For half of the class time, students will be working together to solve physical and mental challenges. In the second half of the class, the students are introduced to the fundamentals of archery. The Y-Staff will instruct students in the safety and fundamental aspects of shooting a bow and arrow.

  • Interested in Volunteering

    Please complete the Volunteer Application through Plano ISD to be considered as a parent chaperone for 5th Grade Outdoor School.  Applicants must be at least 25 years of age. Contact your campus camp director (usually a 5th-grade teacher) and let them know you are interested in being a chaperone. Final decisions regarding camp chaperones will be made at the campus level.

  • Activities at Camp

    Students will participate in four classes while at camp (refer to listing above).  There will also be a program the first night as well as a campfire the second night.

  • Camp Costs

    The cost for camp is $230.00 per student which includes a required $30 registration fee. This includes lodging, transportation, 6 meals, and a cohesive, outdoor instructional program.  

    The Rycor payment system will accept partial payments so that you can spread out the cost over time, or you may also choose to pay in a lump sum. Payment options will be open at the beginning of the 2023-2024 school year. Please use this link "Rycor" to learn more about setting up your account and paying for camp.

    Scholarships are available on an as-needed basis. Please get in touch with your campus camp director at the beginning of the school year for more information.

    There is a camp store that sells souvenirs and snacks. No more than $25.00 is recommended for a student to bring to camp. You can use this link to see the CCAC Store Price Guide (SP).

  • Contact with Student During Camp

    Cell phones and other electronic devices are not allowed at camp. Please do not ask your child to call you during the camp session. Because of the intense daily schedule and sheer number of students present, phone calls home are not permitted. We have found that talking with a child during a camp session often initiates homesickness. If there is an emergency at home and you need to contact your child while he/she is attending camp you may contact Keith Griffin, Plano ISD Outdoor Education Coordinator, at 214-914-2603.
    For the protection and security of all students, parent visitation during the camp session is strictly prohibited. All adults present in camp will have received the required security clearance from the Texas Department of Public Safety prior to the Outdoor School session.

  • Food/Dietary Needs

    Food is served cafeteria style. There is a hot food line at every meal that includes a vegetarian option. A full salad bar is available at lunch and dinner. A variety of dry cereals are available in the morning. 

    There are NO peanut products served at camp.  Soy Butter is offered at times and contains no peanut oil. If your child has other special dietary needs, please review the Procedures for Campers with Food-Related Allergies (SP) and contact your campus nurse and camp director.

    To review the meal options for your child's session, first review the Camp Menu Cycle Schedule to see what cycle (1 or 2) will be offered during their session.

    Then use the following link that matches your session cycle.

    Menu for Cycle 1

    Menu for Cycle 2

  • Medications

    If your child is on medication, you must indicate the type and dosage on the Orange Medication Card. Prescription medication must be in its original, labeled container bearing your child's and doctor's name. The written prescription will be followed. Send the box with the label attached if necessary. The Orange Medication Card and medication should be placed in a large Ziploc bag and turned in to your child’s school nurse prior to his/her camp session. There is a full time PISD nurse at camp to issue medications and take care of any injuries or illnesses that may arise.

  • Sleeping Arrangements

    The climate-controlled cabins are divided into two self-contained sleeping quarters. Each side has bunk beds for 12 students and 2 adults. Each bathroom has 2 showers, 2 toilets and 2 sinks. Schools will be housed in their own section of cabins. Boys and girls will be in separate cabins.

  • What to Bring to Camp

    Because of limited space each student is limited to one bag/suitcase and a sleeping bag or sheets and blanket to fit a twin size bed. The following items are recommended: Bring to Camp List English | Spanish