• Technology Services

    Technology Services is responsible for the district's digital resources.  The departments are responsible for the installation, maintenance, technical professional development and support of the district's computing systems, libraries, networks and data communications technologies, including hardware and software.

  • Patrick Tanner Dr. Patrick Tanner
    Assistant Superintendent for Technology Services

    Patrick provides direction for the Technology Services department and is responsible for managing the purchasing requirements and maintenance of technology resources and the technical support of those resources for current and future instructional and administrative use.

  • Instructional Technology
    Matt Frey - Executive Director of Instructional Technology

    The Instructional Technology department provides technology solutions and support for educators and students throughout the district.  Our team consists of:

  • Instructional Technology 

  • Digital Learning

    The Digital Learning Specialists support the development of digitally fluent educators who are empowered to be excellent technology integrators and who create future-ready classroom environments. The Digital Learning Specialists are internationally recognized educational leaders who design and deliver professional learning that promotes purposeful and effective technology integration.

    This team supports the digital integration of Chromebooks in the classroom and online resources (textbooks, district-licensed tools such as Discovery Ed, Nearpod, WeVideo, etc.). Each specialist supports multiple curriculum areas and partners with district and campus leaders to offer high-yield professional learning across 70+ campuses.

    ETSI (Educational Technology Success Initiative) is a summer professional learning experience, created by the Digital Learning Team, designed to empower ed tech leaders on each campus. pisd.edu/etsi

    Visit the Hotspot Website for more information.

  • Help Desk & Technology Security

    The Help Desk Team provides centralized phone help for technical support. All problems that require on-site support are entered into a tracking database and assigned to the appropriate group for resolution. Once calls are entered into the database, they remain on an open call list until completed.  The Help Desk coordinates all technology processes and procedures with the campus technology assistants (CTAs), and is also responsible for administering the district's inventory system with the campuses.  The technology security team designs, deploys and supports the district's security cameras.

  • Instructional Technology Projects

    The IT Projects Team assists in the planning and implementation of instructional technology projects and campus initiatives as well as the development and evaluation of technology specifications, standards, and technology related to furniture, facility, and equipment selections.  

  • Learning Media Services

    The Learning Media Services Team provides support and leadership to campus librarians in the implementation of inquiry-based learning environments for students and staff.  Support includes professional development and training, management of library systems and digital platforms for library resources, collaboration in the re-design and renovation of library spaces, facilitation in acquisition and processing of resources, and delivery of library and curriculum materials to the campus.

    Visit the Library Resources Website for more information.

  • Management Information Systems
    Greg Grimes - Executive Director Enterprise Systems

    The MIS department provides support for district Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Business Intelligence platforms; PEIMs reporting, student information system support for the campuses; implements, develops, and maintains information systems throughout the district in support of instructional and administrative functions.

  • Executive Director Enterprise Systems


  • Business Systems

    The Business Systems Team implements,  develops, and maintains information systems throughout the district in support of instructional and administrative functions. Responsibilities include custom software development, project management (software), analysis, research, program implementation, business process analysis, report development, and vendor integration.

    The team supports and trains for the district's ERP system, grades, attendance, e-textbooks, parent portal, mass notifications, vendor interfaces, accessibility, data delivery, and business intelligence.  We also provide business solutions leveraging Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 products.  

    Chuck Weaver
    LaRaina Wright

  • Student Records

    Student Records provides coordination, support and training to each campus and all central office staff requiring access to student record information such as grades, transcripts, attendance, discipline, scheduling, and health and immunizations. It is also responsible for coordinating the coding for the state (PEIMS) reporting and the federal (Civil Rights) reporting coordinating with various departments such as Special Education, Bilingual/ESL, Gifted/Talented and Title I. Student Records conducts regular audits of elementary attendance records and all campus entry and withdrawals. Other department responsibilities include maintaining the street index system, coordinating and processing grade reporting and campus scheduling assistance.

    Melissa Covin
    Dina Figueroa
    Nelly Aroche
    April Bragg
    Prentice Robins
    Rhonda Snyder

  • Application and Cybersecurity
    Dev Shah - Director of Applications & Cybersecurity

    The Applications and Cybersecurity team designs, deploys, monitors, and maintains applications that provide educational and operational functions to Plano ISD staff and students. This includes business intelligence, financial systems, electronic document management, inventory, voice and fax communication, as well as roughly 1,800 educational applications that are delivered to students and educators across the district. The Applications and Cybersecurity team is also responsible for defining and securing the end user desktop experience through workstation policies and standards.

  • Application & Cybersecurity Staff

  • Infrastructure Services
    Arnie Salmeron - Director of Infrastructure Services

    The primary responsibility of the Infrastructure Services team is the design, installation, management, and security of the district's data network. This includes the support and troubleshooting of approximately 250 servers, 60,000 users, 30,000 workstations, 15,000 laptops, 4,500 printers, multiple operating systems, email and other critical applications. Network security includes firewall configurations, routing policies, directory-based authentication, workstation policies, Internet filtering policies, email spam filtering, virus filtering policies, intrusion prevention and disaster recovery policies.

  • Infrastructure Support

    Paul Hornberger
    Rob Swartzendruber

  • Deployment & Inventory
    Dan Savage - Coordinator of Technology Operations

    The Deployment Center maintains a large inventory of computers, related components, printers and data communication equipment for our network needs and is the centralized location for receiving all district technology equipment.  Upon receiving a shipment, the department manages equipment asset tagging, inventories and delivery to the designated location. In addition, the department moves, delivers and picks up technology equipment as required throughout the district as well as prepares, delivers and repairs technology for the computers@home program.

    Collin Creek II
    840 F Avenue, Plano, TX 75074

  • Deployment & Inventory

    Arturo Alonso-Sandoval