• Becoming a Plano ISD Employee

  • Items to bring to the New Hire Appointment:

    1. Identification Documents - Please ensure that you have the acceptable identification documents necessary to complete the I-9 form at your new hire meeting. Failure to submit acceptable documents will delay the hiring process. 

    2. Official Transcripts - Official transcripts are required in personnel files. The District will accept electronic transcripts sent through a secure network directly to newhires@pisd.edu (i.e. eSCRIP-SAFE, Transcript Network, National Student Clearinghouse, etc.) or hardcopies of an official transcript from the college/university. Hardcopies must be hand delivered to the Human Resources Department. Once submitted to the District, transcripts are official government records and must be retained according to the District's retention schedule. Transcripts will not be returned.

    3. High School Diploma - Paraprofessionals and PASAR employees must provide us with a copy of their high school diploma or GED for their personnel file. 

    4. Service Records - If credit is given for experience, please request that your last Texas public school employer send your original service record to your mailing address. If your last employment was in an out-of-state school, or private school, you can send the service record request form to those schools. Private school experience will not be reflected in the salary quote until the private school service record has been received and reviewed by Employee Records. Original service records are required. Photocopies, emailed or faxed service records are not acceptable. You have sixty days from your first day of employment to provide us with your service record. If service records are not received within the allotted time, your salary will be adjusted accordingly.

    5. Social Security Card - Bring your original social security card or social security receipt for us to verify your name matches the name on your application for our payroll records.

    6. Your Best Smile - A picture will be made for your PISD identification badge
  • Notices and Information

    Employee Handbook

    Employee Handbook Receipt

    Compensation, Supplemental Duties and/or Stipend Acknowledgment

    Worker's Compensation Notice

    For Support Staff Personnel:Progressive Discipline Guidelines

    For PASAR employees only: 457(b) FICA Alternative Plan and Trust for Plano ISD Notice

  • Name/Address Changes

    Instructions for completing a name and/or address change may be accessed by following the appropriate link below:
    Address Change: https://myforms.pisd.edu/Forms/address_change
    Name Change: https://myforms.pisd.edu/Forms/name_change
    *For name changes, you will need to upload a picture of your Social Security card.

  • Contracts/At-Will Agreements

    Contracts and/or At-Will Agreements for new employees will be issued after your start date. Directions will be
    emailed to you, so you are able to review it and accept the terms in Employee Service Center. If you have questions
    regarding your contract or at-will agreement, please contact the HR Compensation/Employee
    Records Office at employeerecords@pisd.edu.

  • PASAR Enrollment Information

    Plano ISD’s after school care program is available for Kindergarten – 5th grade students enrolled in PISD. Plano ISD
    employees, except for substitutes and adult temps, receive discounted tuition rates for PASAR services. For more
    information please call the PASAR Finance Office at (469)752-8915 or visit

  • Pay Details

    All employees receive their paychecks either by direct deposit or by a pay card program of their choice. Paper paychecks are not
    available. Based on your assignment, you will either be paid on a biweekly cycle (FANS, Auxiliary, Transportation,
    and PASAR employees) OR on the 25th of each month (Professional and Paraprofessional employees). If the 25th of
    the month falls on a weekend or holiday, you will be paid on the Friday before that date.

  • Employee Service Center

    The District utilizes a software system named TEAMS to manage various types of information such as payroll, leave
    information, employee documents, absence reporting, time cards, and much more! More information can be found
    at esc.pisd.edu. This site will be accessible after you have received your network training and have a district

    Regular attendance is required for all positions. Please visit with your supervisor to learn more about the necessary
    procedures to follow when you must be absent. Plano ISD employees may report an absence through the Employee
    Service Center esc.pisd.edu.

  • District Technology

    After you begin your new position, you will gain access to district technology including email and voicemail. You may
    refer to pisd.edu/getconnected to begin PISD technology training at your convenience. Please visit with your
    campus/department CTA (campus technology assistant) or office manager for further information about technology
    access. If you have additional questions, please contact the Help Desk at tsos@pisd.edu or 469-752-8767.

    Some parts of this training must be completed on campus while you are logged into a district
    computer and will be indicated as such.

  • Safety & Security

    Plano ISD is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for students, staff and visitors. In an effort to
    accomplish this goal the district provides a comprehensive security program. As an employee, your safety and
    security is very important. Please make sure to wear your District issued badge while working for Plano ISD. Further
    information regarding safety and security in the Plano ISD may be accessed via

  • New Teachers

    All new teachers to Plano ISD (new teachers and those with experience) are required to attend a 3 day orientation before school starts. For more information, please click here.

  • Certification Requirements

    Please know that it is your responsibility to update any changes in address or email to the Texas Education Agency. Certifications received after September 1, 1999 must be renewed every five years. The employee is responsible for showing proof of the professional development credit to TEA to maintain their standard certification(s). No exams are required to renew, and you do not have to bring your certificate to our department. We do have online access.


  • T-TESS Orientation

    All teachers, coaches, regional day school instructors and instructional/intervention specialists must attend Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS) orientation. Plano ISD requires all teachers to attend T-TESS which is the state's approved instrument for appraising teachers. 

  • Professional Development Requirements

    The State of Texas requires all teachers certified after September 1, 1999, to complete 150 hours (counselors/librarians/diagnosticians/principals must complete 200 hours) of professional development every five years.  Professional development required by PISD may be accumulated toward that expectation as needed. All full-time new hires also participate in the regularly scheduled in-service days with all district staff to fulfill PISD’s annual professional development as required by Board Policy.  Regularly scheduled in-service days are included as part of your paid contract days. The annual in-service calendar will be mailed to your home in August.  Please contact your principal for any questions regarding in-service.

  • Leave Pay

    All leave is prorated and based on actual time employed. Each year, employees may receive up to 40 hours
    of state personal leave, which may be used for any reason. In addition, each year employees who work at
    least 25 hours per week receive local sick leave. The amount of leave is dependent on the number of months
    you are scheduled to work during the year. Leave guidelines for employees are as follows:

                         12 Month Employees: May receive up to 56 hours of local sick leave; as well as 80 hours of vacation after your first year
                                                               of employment, then 120 hours of vacation after your 5th year of employment

                         11 Month Employees: May receive up to 48 hours of local sick leave

                         10 Month Employees:
    May receive up to 40 hours of local sick leave

    Any local sick leave not used during the contract year is carried forward and will accumulate up to 400 hours. You
    can view your leave balances via the Employee Service Center (ESC). Should you leave PISD and work for another
    Texas public school district, your state leave will be transferred. Local leave, however, is not transferable. More
    information can be found in the PISD board policies DEC (legal) and DEC (local) regarding the leave provisions
    offered to employees. Please visit forhttps://www.pisd.edu/Page/1187 for further information.

  • Healthcare

    The district participates in TRS-ActiveCare medical plans. The district also offers two dental options, two
    vision plans, optional life insurance, optional disability insurance and flexible spending accounts. Enrollment
    must be completed within the first 31 days of employment. The benefits you select will be effective no later
    than the 1st of the month following your first day at work.

  • General Employee Benefits

    Benefits are managed through the HR Benefits and Risk Management Department. Information (benefit options,
    premiums, enrollment, etc.) will be sent to your campus during your first week of employment. If you have any
    questions, please visit www.pisd.edu/benefits or contact them directly at 469-752-8138 or benefits@pisd.edu

  • Congratulations and Welcome to Plano ISD!

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