• Plano ISD Parent Portal

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    Parents with registered Parent Portal accounts can login and access:

    Grades  |  Student Registration  | PASAR Registration & Payments  |  Emergency Card | STAAR & Performance Data  |  Immunization 

    and other information about their students. For grades, click the Parent Viewer button on the portal dashboard.

    Parent Portal Website https://parentportal.pisd.edu

  • input Parent Portal Registration

  • How do I Register for Parent Portal

    1. Access Parent Portal at https://parentportal.pisd.edu
    2. Click the Create New Registration link located under the Login button.
    3. Complete the new New Parent Registration Form.  *Information must match EXACTLY the information provided to the campus at the time of enrollment or changes thereafter.  All names must be proper given names.
      • Complete the About Your Student Section: 
        • Student First Name & Student Last Name
        • Student's School
        • Student ID Number (Contact the student's campus if you do not have this number)
        • Student's Birth Date
        • Student's Grade Level
      • Complete the About You Section (Parent/Legal Guardian)
        • Your Name
        • Your email address (make sure you have access to this email to verify your account)
    4. You will receive an email at the email address provided.   

  • help_outline Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How do I add a missing student to my account?

    If you are missing a student(s) on your Parent Portal account, please follow the steps below.

    1. Send an email to parentportal@pisd.edu.
    2. Include the following information.
      • Your Name.
      • Your Parent Portal email address.
      • Student Name and ID of the student that appears in Parent Portal.
      • The Student Name and ID of the student(s) that MISSING in Parent Portal.

  • 2. How do I sign up for PASAR After School Care?

    PASAR is the After School Care (ASC) program.  PASAR is for students in grades Pre-K through Grade 5 and is located on all elementary campuses, including Head Start.  For more information about PASAR, please visit the PASAR Program Website.

    To enroll in PASAR:

    1. Begin by Setting Up An Eleyo Account.
    2. After you have created an account, you will need to click on the "+Add Family Member/Relationshipand set up your family profile which includes your student(s) and emergency contacts (minimum of 3 contacts must be entered).
    3. Once you have completed Step 1 and Step 2, you are able to register your student(s). 
      Register PASAR/Summer PASAR

  • 3. How do I setup gradebook notifications?

    Please view the instructions below for activating grade and attendance notifications in gradebook and the mobile app.

    Parent Notification Instructions

  • 4. How do I pay for campus fees and events?

    Some campuses allow you to pay for fees and activities through Parent Portal.  Examples include football tickets, prom, homecoming, parking, etc.

    1. Log in to Parent Portal at https://parentportal.pisd.edu
    2. Scroll down to Student Registration Forms.
    3. Click the button with your student's name.Student Registration Forms Parent Portal screenshot.
    4. Click the Pay Now button.
      parent portal screen shot showing the pay now button

  • 5. I'm not receiving email or Phone Calls from the Plano ISD

    Emails and phone calls from Plano ISD Schoolmessenger or PISD eNews emails 

    If you are not getting phone calls or emails from Plano ISD Schoolmessenger or PISD eNews emails, please try these steps before contacting parentportal@pisd.edu.

    1. Check your junk/spam/clutter email folder.  Add pisd.edu and schoolmessenger.com as safe senders on your email account.  
    2. Log in to Parent Portal and check/update* your contact information on the Emergency Card.   
      • The district uses the contact information on the Emergency Card to contact you through SchoolMessenger and eNews.
        • Email - a valid email address that you can access.
        • Phone Numbers
    3. Verify that you have not unsubscribed specific broadcast types from Plano ISD School Messenger emails, phone calls, text.  
      • SchoolMessenger Guide
      • If you ever unsubscribed from all, your email blocked by Schoolmessenger and you contact the district to get your email unblocked.  
    4. If you still are not receiving emails or phone calls or you previously unsubscribed from all broadcast types, please email parentportal@pisd.edu.  
      1. Include the following
        1. Email address - the email address that is on the Emergency Card.
        2. Student Name(s)
        3. Student ID(s)

    * updates take overnight to get to our calling/systems. 

  • live_help  Get Assistance

    email Email Parent Portal 
    Please includeStudent's name, Student ID, & Campus

    phone Call the PISD Helpdesk: 469-752-8767 
    Hours: Mon - Friday: 7AM - 5PM