• Field Based Experience

    **Please Note: This page is for field based experience requests only.  Please go to Student Teachers page for information on requesting a Student Teaching placement.**

  • Plano ISD welcomes field based experience requests during the fall and spring semesters. Placement availability is limited. Therefore, we ask that placement requests be made as early in the semester as possible. Requests are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis until the semester limit is reached. 

    To request a placement, please follow the guidelines and steps listed below and have your university/program submit a request for placement:

  • Step 1: Complete Application

    •     Students must complete and submit the Plano ISD online Field Based Experience Application
    •     The Criminal History background check will be run upon completion of the application.

    Step 2: Submit Request

    Step 3: Advisor Verification 

     All three steps must be completed before approval can be granted.

     Any additional questions can be sent to certification@pisd.edu.

  • Plano ISD Identification Badge

    Identification badges will be issued at the campus each day.  They must be worn at all times.

    In order to obtain a badge using the Raptor System on the specified campus, you will need to provide proof of identification; you may present a current driver's license, state/government-issued ID card or military ID card.