• Parent-Led Temporary Virtual Option | PreK through 6th Grade

    Note: The parent-led Temporary Virtual Option ends on September 10.

    Plano ISD is offering one instructional setting (learning environment) for the 2021-2022 school year, which is in-person, on-campus instruction. The district is not providing a remote school learning environment this school year. The choice for Parent-Led Temporary Virtual Option is not an instructional setting, but rather the provision of learning resources while the student is absent from in-person, on-campus instruction. This temporary learning solution allows students to engage in asynchronous learning utilizing Plano ISD instructional resources in pre-kindergarten through 6th grade, where vaccinations are not yet available. (PreK students must qualify for eligibility.)

    Instruction will follow the standard grade level Plano ISD scope and sequence and will be provided for English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies only. Students will have access to instruction along with corresponding assignments and activities. This model does not include synchronous (live) instruction and does not resemble last year’s PISD School@Home. With parent support, students will utilize supplemental technology programs for intervention and enrichment. 

    It is important to note that while a student taking advantage of the Parent-Led PreK-6 Temporary Virtual Option will remain on the home campus in-person teacher roster, the home campus teacher will not be responsible for delivering instruction or grading daily work. The home campus teacher re-engages with the student when they return for face-to-face learning. An essential part of this option will be the parent/guardian acting as the teacher (or Home Learning Coach), responsible for supporting their child’s learning.

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  • Live SupportParents/guardians may contact us for live support each weekday

    Monday-Friday - 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. 
    English: 469-752-8211
    Spanish: 469-752-2224

    What is the Parent-Led Temporary Virtual Option?♦ The parent is the primary provider of instruction as students are absent from on-campus instruction during this period.
    ♦ The district provides access to curriculum and activities to help support continued learning during a student’s voluntary absence.
    ♦ The intention is to support parents who have made the decision to have their student(s) remain at home related to the COVID-19 pandemic since a remote school learning environment is not provided this school year.

    Additional SupportPlease visit our FAQ page for additional support.

      Enrollment Status

        • Students will remain enrolled at their home campus.
        • Will keep their assigned teacher of record, but will not attend school.
        • Will not have instruction or assignments delivered by their home campus teacher.
        • The campus will maintain enrollment and a seat in the classroom when students return face to face.
        • Students will be marked absent each day as “EV” or “excused virtual absence.”

      Instructional Setting Change

        • Students may not go back and forth between the Parent-Led Virtual Option and participating in face-to-face learning.
        • The selection period for the Parent-Led Virtual Option ends on Wednesday, August 11 at 11:59 p.m. 
        • After this selection period, parents will not be able to opt their child into this learning model.
        • Parents may elect to have their child return to face-to-face learning at any time by notifying their child’s campus. 

      Other Services

      • Counseling and Social Workers

        • Parents who have questions or concerns may contact the school counselor or visit the Counseling and Guidance website for helpful information and resources.
        • Students or parents may request an appointment to see the counselor through email. 
        • Counselors can meet with students in-person or via remote conferencing.

        Food and Nutritional Services (FANS)

        • The FANS department will not be providing curb-side meals for students enrolled in the Parent-Led Virtual Option at this time. 

        PASAR After School Care

        • PASAR will not be available for students who choose the virtual option.
        • Students who are enrolled in PASAR and choose the virtual option will be unenrolled.
        • Refunds will be available for those who paid August tuition.
        • No refunds will be available for the PASAR registration fee.
        • Once students return to in-person learning, parents will need to submit a new registration via the PASAR website.
        • Contracts may be waitlisted if there are no spots available at the time of the new registration.
        • Contracts are processed in the order they are received.