More Than A Score

More Than A Score

  • Plano ISD Recognizes Students Are More Than a Score

    More Than a Letter Grade

    Plano ISD is committed to every student and engages in continuous improvement efforts to ensure students are on grade level (or above) and growing every year.

    Although the Texas Education Agency (TEA) assigns districts and schools a letter grade for accountability each year, parents should also consider the following facets of Plano ISD’s excellent educational experience:

    • Safe and inclusive school environment
    • Robust opportunities for students to explore their passions
    • A variety of extracurricular activities to develop skills beyond the classroom
    • Interactive and engaging learning in the classroom
    • Supportive and empowered leaders and teachers
    • Equitable opportunities for all students for success after high school
    • Active involvement and dedication of parents and community

    In September 2023, the TEA will rate districts and schools using a refreshed accountability system. Given the breadth of these changes, schools and districts across the state are bracing for lower ratings even when performance has improved. 

    Students are more than a score and Plano ISD does more for students and their academic journey than is reflected in the accountability system’s single grade.

    Things to Note about the State's Assessment and Accountability System

    • TEA implemented several changes that will impact accountability ratings
    • A school or district could actually IMPROVE performance over the previous year and still score LOWER in the new accountability rating system
    • The A-F accountability system is different in multiple ways: new exams, new cut points and new philosophies of measurement
    • Students took a newly designed STAAR exam in Spring 2023
    • College, Career & Military Readiness (CCMR) calculations have changed significantly in both measures that are considered and the cut points for an “A” rating

    Other Data Points to Inform Student Achievement

    Student performance cannot be captured in just one data point collected at a single time. It is best practice to reference multiple measures of data to inform your child’s academic progress. Beyond STAAR/EOC results, parents have a number of additional measures to inform you regarding your student’s progress.

    In Plano ISD, these measures include the Measures of Academic Performance (MAP), the mClass suite of early literacy assessments, CogAT, PSAT/SAT and AP exams along with district assessments and semester exams. Most importantly, consider the classroom assessments and feedback provided by your child’s highly qualified teachers.   

  • The Many Faces of Plano ISD Who Are #MoreThanAScore

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