Long Range Facility Planning

Long Range Facility Planning

  • On May 2, 2023, the Plano ISD Board of Trustees approved the new Strategic Roadmap that is inclusive of a long range plan.

    As such, the plan includes a strategy to study:

    • Current facilities,
    • Enrollment, and
    • Programs to determine efficiencies,
      • Long range planning and
      • Programmatic equity.

    This study will:

    • Assess all of our schools,
    • Analyze the student enrollment at each school,
    • Evaluate high-quality programming,
    • Consider whether the building is being used effectively and
    • Determine whether resources are fairly distributed to support all students.

    The result of the study may lead to restructuring or consolidating schools to better serve students.

    Consolidation may involve:

    • Closing school buildings,
    • Adjusting attendance boundaries within the feeder pattern to allow for a more equitable disbursement of district resources.

    Ultimately, the study of school building capacity will be for the purpose of supporting thriving schools, classrooms, students, teachers, and school leaders.

  • So why are we doing this work?

    Our district enrollment has been steadily declining over the last 12 years. Our peak enrollment was in 2012 at 55,700 students and our current enrollment is 47,800.

    Some of the reasons for this decline include:

    • The rising costs of homes (the average home in Plano ISD is $584,000);
    • Growth in districts to our north (whose average home costs are lower than Plano ISD);
    • A decrease in birth rates; which has led to
    • Larger graduating classes than incoming kindergarten classes.
  • Rising costs of homes
  • Growth in northern districts
  • Graduating classes larger than incoming kindergarten classes.
  • Decreasing birth rates.

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