• Board Citizen Advisory Committees

    Residents of Plano Independent School District and business members located in Plano ISD may apply to participate in the following Board Citizen Advisory Committees: 

    • Career Education
    • Diversity
    • Special Education
    • Gifted and Talented

    The Board continually seeks individuals willing to serve and study issues involving the education of Plano ISD students, as approved by the Board. On the left are descriptions of these citizen advisory committees and current members, who are approved by the Board of Trustees each fall. 

    Residents and business members in the Plano ISD District may also apply to participate in the School Heath Advisory Council (SHAC) to assist the District in ensuring that local community values are reflected in the District’s health education instruction (Education Code 28.004(a)). SHAC members are approved by the Board of Trustees each fall.

    To apply to become a member of one of these committees or SHAC, complete the Plano ISD Board Citizen Advisory Committee Application Form and return it to:

    Office of the Superintendent

    Plano Independent School District

    2700 W. 15th Street

    Plano, Texas 75075