• KEYSS and Journey Programs

    KEYSS - Keeping Education Your Stepping Stone
    Journey - The Pathway to College

    The Keeping Education Your Stepping Stone (KEYSS) is a curriculum based group. Students selected to participate in the program receive support and academic services to remain motivated in school and with a goal of being first in their families to graduate from high school and achieve higher education. Students are identified starting in the sixth grade through recommendations from middle school counselors and teachers. Members of the participating schools’ faculty and staff may nominate students by completing the KEYSS Nomination Form and submitting them to the campus faculty/staff sponsor.

    JOURNEY engages students, beginning in the sixth grade. The program participates in various events, and college visits covering such topics as preparation for college, financial aid, scholarships, career exploration, and personal development. Consideration is given to students who will be first in their family to complete high school and seek higher education. Members of the participating schools’ faculty and staff may nominate students by completing the JOURNEY Nominating Form and submitting it to their campus Program sponsor.

    Eligibility Requirements to be considered for selection to the program, a student must:

    • Have an overall grade average of 75 or higher.
    • Exhibit a cooperative attitude.
    • Attend school regularly.

    Preference is given to students who will be the first in their families to finish high school and continue their education.

    • Students are supported with academic or personal needs they may have.
    • Students in the program meet on a bi-weekly basis.
    • Students are evaluated in their academic progress.
    • Students are monitored and addressed on disciplinary guidelines.
    • Students are encouraged to be involved with extra-curricular activities and school involvement.
    • Students attend bi-weekly campus meetings to include topics related to time management, communication, study skills, responsibility, career exploration, personal development, and the importance of higher education.
    • Students are encouraged to participate in community service opportunities.
    • Students have an opportunity to visit local colleges.




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