• Mobile Services On The Go

    The mobile classroom offers a series of computer and internet classes that are free to Plano ISD parents. We offer beginner and intermediate computer classes, in English and Spanish.

      • Campus staff accompanies the bus into neighborhoods to establish relationships with parents.
      • Plano ISD parents are offered the opportunities to utilize the bus computers and the internet to create and learn to use Parent Portal accounts, PASAR registration and payments, SchoolCafe accounts, to fill out volunteer applications, job applications, creation of resumes and cover letters, excuse letters, family budgets and more.
      • Parents can learn to download and use the PISD App, Remind, Seesaw, Class Dojo Apps, etc.
      • Parents can practice online typing lessons, and improve their English or Spanish through Rosetta Stone.
      • Parents are trained in the use of student educational websites to support their children.
      • We are currently partnering with Capital 1 to offer financial literacy classes.
      • We partner with some Plano ISD Title I schools to offer students the Science On the Go program, while their parents learn computer skills on the Mobile Lab. Through this program, students have the opportunity to participate in hands-on science experiments in areas such as friction, electric circuits, barometers, microscopes and more. 
      • Morning, afternoon or evening classes are offered every week. Please check our monthly calendar on the right of this webpage. 

    Areas Served

    • Armstrong
    • Barksdale
    • Barron
    • Beaty
    • Bowman
    • Christie
    • Daffron
    • Dooley
    • Forman
    • Head Start
    • Hickey
    • Huffman
    • Isaacs
    • Jackson
    • McCall
    • Meadows
    • Memorial
    • Mendenhall
    • Mitchell
    • Pearson
    • Rasor
    • Sigler
    • Thomas
    • Weatherford

    Parents from Carpenter, Clark, Daffron, Davis, Gulledge, Hendrick, McMillen, Murphy, Plano East, Plano Senior, PESH, Renner, Shepton, Vines, Williams and Wilson can also attend mobile computer classes.

    Coming Soon

    The Mobile Computer Lab will be visiting campuses and neighborhoods to assist parents with online enrollment and provide health outreach.

Plano ISD mobile computer lab
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