• District Health Forms for Parents

  • Emergency Forms

    Please keep your child's Emergency Card information up-to-date (contact phone numbers, allergies, name of doctor, etc.). You can complete a paper copy provided by the school or update the information online through the Parent Portal.

  • Immunization Forms

    At the beginning of the school year, provide the school nurse with any updated documentation of your child's immunizations. The documentation must include the month, day, and year of the immunization. This is especially important for new students, and students entering Kindergarten and grade 7. 

    See the Immunization page for more information.

  • Consent to Communicate with Medical Health Care Professional or Health Care Provider

    There is a regulation regarding the consent to contact your child’s health care provider, if needed, in order to provide specific district health related services. In order to begin or continue to provide this service to your child, this consent must be on file. The regulation is provided in the form below. This consent is included in many of the PISD action plans and medication forms so it may not always be required as a separate document. Please sign and return this document to the school nurse, so we can provide continuity of care to your child.  Consult your campus nurse if you are not sure.