• Swivl

    Easily record teacher AND student interactions on the iPad for a holistic understanding of the classroom. With deeper insights, teachers are empowered to make meaningful changes in the classroom.

  • What is Swivl?

    What is Swivl?

    An audio/video capturing system using an iPad and the Swivl hardware that provides actionable data to educators and administrators about:

    • Instructional content delivery
    • Observations that strengthen and inform teachers
    • Getting a complete understanding of the classroom

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  • Using the Swivl

    On the Swivl:

    • Be sure that the Swivl has been fully charged.
    • Remove the marker from the compartment on the Swivl.
    • Press and hold the Power button on the Swivl until the light comes on (it may take several seconds).The Swivl should “wake up.”
    • Hold down the Power button on the marker - it is the top button on the side of the marker - until it turns green. The light next to the + button on the Swivl will also turn green indicating marker and swivl are paired. The Swivl with iPad will follow the marker in any direction.

    Battery life is approximately four hours.

  • Using Swivl on an iPad

    On the iPad

    Log in to the Swivl app using the “Sign in with Google” option. You may need to log the previous user out. The logout icon is found at the bottom of the app in the profile.

    Swivl screenshot

    After logging in, you will need to allow Swivl to have access to your device’s microphone and camera. If you accidentally opted not to allow access, you can turn these on in Settings.

    Image showing on iPad how to change settings

  • Swivl Videos (view/delete/download)

    Viewing Swivl videos

    • Log in to https://www.swivl.com/ with the “Sign in with Google” option.
    • To delete a video, select it, then click 3 dots at the bottom and select "delete".
    • You can also share and download your videos from the website.

  • Support

    Swivl Support

    More information about the Swivl can be found on the Swivl website at https://swivl.zendesk.com/hc/en-us#faq 

    Check out the Swivl User Guide.

    Contact the PISD Digital Learning Team for help!

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