• Audio Recording & Editing


    Learn all about recording and editing audio, narrations, and video recordings on our WeVideo page. 


    Step-by-step instructions for recording audio are on our Audacity page.  


    123apps - audio/video recorders, converters, etc. Many choices!

    ChromeMP3 Recorder - by Hablacloud.com for use on Chromebooks, saves to drive. Records in MP3 format.

    Online voice recorder - record your voice and it's saved as a URL.

    Mote - easily add 30-second voice comments and feedback to share on Google files and in Google Classroom.  Watch this Mote Extension Overview video.

    Talk & Comment - Voice Note anywhere - Chrome extension that allows you to record your voice and it is saved as a URL so you can paste it into a document. You must remember to remove the "(voice note)" at the end of the URL.

    Prism Video Converter

    Visit our Prism page for installation instructions. This is only available for network computers, not Chromebooks.