• Pear Deck

    • Pear Deck is an interactive presentation platform that enhances teacher-student interaction, offering real-time feedback and personalized instruction. 
    • Part of the GoGuardian family of products, Pear Deck is tightly integrated with GoGuardian Teacher, making it especially easy to adopt and use with students. 
    • A powerful research-based engagement tool, it’s well suited to support many of the needle-moving elements and strategies that are present within our instructional model. 
  • ⭐ Add the Power Up Extension

    To ensure that videos and GIFs function properly, add this extension for new slide decks only. Does not work for existing slide decks.

    Pear Deck Power-Up Extension

  • How to Create a New Pear Deck Lesson

    Pear Decks are all created in Google Slides or PowerPoint Online, so teachers can combine the editing power of Google Slides or PowerPoint Online with the interactive engagement power of Pear Deck!

    1. Install the Power Up extension if you haven't already (details in section above)
    2. Visit How to Create a New Pear Deck Lesson to learn how it works.
    3. Visit The Five Interactive Question Types - Pear Deck to learn ways students can interact with your presentation. 

  • Create slides

    Create Slides

    You'll create all of your Pear Deck lessons/presentations in Google Slides or PowerPoint Online. When you click Create a new lesson on your Pear Deck Home screen, you will land in the Google Slides or PowerPoint Online editor. Now you can build interactive slides from scratch and/or add pre-made Slide Templates to your presentation. Note that you can also add Pear Deck Interactive Slides and Slide Templates to any preexisting Google or PowerPoint Online presentations.

    Pre-made Templates

    Pear Deck's team of educators have created an array of pre-made Formative Assessment Slide Templates built to help your students warm up for the day, think more deeply about any subject, develop critical thinking skills, reflect on the lesson, and much more. They're all free and available in the Pear Deck Sidebar Template Library. There is also an array of standards-aligned decks available in our Content Orchard.

    From https://support.goguardian.com/s/article/How-to-Create-a-New-Pear-Deck-Lesson-1629747054481

  • Apply a Pear Deck to your Google Slide Deck

    To apply a Pear Deck to your existing or new Google Slide deck:

    1. Open the Pear Deck add-on from the Extensions menu. (It has already been added for PISD staff).
    2. Add interactive slides from the library or create your own custom questions. 
    3. Click the "Present Lesson" button to start your interactive lesson.

  • Pear Deck in PowerPoint Online

    You can access PowerPoint online via the Webdesk Office 365 tile. 

    1. Open any presentation. Put the prompt, question, image, etc. that you want students to see on the main body of the slide.
    2. Click on Home > More Options (three-dots menu) > Pear Deck. If you haven't gotten the Add-in yet, first click File > Get Add-ins > More Add-ins > search for Pear Deck > Add > Continue

      Ppt, home, more options, pear deck, with arrows-1 

    3. In the Pear Deck Sidebar, go to the Ask Students a Question section and add an Interactive Response option to the slide.
    4. You can also go to the Template Library and download pre-made Slide Templates, then upload them for your own use.

    From https://support.goguardian.com/s/article/How-to-Create-a-New-Pear-Deck-Lesson-1629747054481

  • Use Pear Deck in GoGuardian

    Step-by-Step instructions: How to use Pear Deck in GoGuardian

    1. The first time you click the Pear Deck tab from a GoGuardian session, you must link your account.

    2. Once your account is linked, you will be able to open a file from Google Drive. 

  • Pear Deck Resources and Video Tutorials

    🍐 Visit Pear Deck Resources & Community

    🎓 Become a Certified Pear Deck Coach

    📝Blog: Exit Tickets and other Benefits of Using Pear Deck in the Classroom

    Pear Deck YouTube Tutorials for Teachers

    Pear Deck YouTube Tutorials for Students

  • Convert a Nearpod to a Pear Deck

    Note: The Pear Deck add-on is already added in Google Slides for PISD staff. 

    1. From Webdesk, open your Nearpod account and your Canva account (the tile is called "Canva SSO New"). (You will use Canva to convert the downloaded Nearpod from the PDF file type to the PowerPoint file type).

    2. Locate the presentation you'd like to download from Nearpod, then:

      • Hover your mouse over the lesson until you see the three dots,
      • Click on the three dots on the top right of the presentation,
      • Select Export PDF
      • Save PDF to Local Drive.

      • It will save to your Downloads folder.

    3. Open Canva and choose Upload. Select the PDF you just downloaded.

    4. Open the presentation that you just imported from Recent designs

    • Click Share
    • Select Google Drive (you might have to click "More" at the bottom to find the Google Drive option)
    • Change the file type to PPTX
    • Click Save

    5. Open the presentation in Google Drive.

    6. To have access to the Pear Deck add-on, you must convert the presentation from PPTX to Google Slides. Click on File, Save as Google Slides.

    Now you are ready to use Pear Deck to deliver your presentation (found in the Extensions menu).

  • Become a Pear Deck Learning Certified Coach!

    "Pear Deck Certified Coaches are an elite group of educators who have been trained in the best practices of Pear Deck’s student engagement platform to tailor lessons ensuring powerful learning moments for every student, every day. This training goes beyond basic features and functionality, and dives deep into the five pedagogical domains that inform Pear Deck’s Teaching Truths." - PearDeck.com 

    Learn how: https://www.peardeck.com/blog/how-to-become-a-pear-deck-learning-certified-coach

  • Support

    For technical support, please contact your CTA or the Help Desk - tsos@pisd.edu, ext. 28767.

    For instructional support, please contact the Digital Learning Team.