• QR Codes - Chrome Extension

    Generate a QR Code from a webpage or scan an existing QR Code using your desktop computer or Chromebook's webcam.

    1. Click on the link to install The QR Code Extension to your Chromebook/computer: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/the-qr-code-extension/oijdcdmnjjgnnhgljmhkjlablaejfeeb?hl=en


    QR Code Extension


    2. After you install the extension, be sure to allow your webcam in order to scan QR codes.

    3. To scan a QR code, click on the icon on the extension bar, then scan code. 

    qr code scanner extension


    qr code scanner extension scan code

  • Webdesk QR Code app

    Add the QRStuff app in Webdesk to scan and generate codes. Lots of options on this site! QRStuff.com

    The downside is that the advertisements might be a distraction to students. 

    qrstuff app