• Microsoft Teamsteams icon

    • Plan and create with colleagues in a shared workspace via chat, voice call, video call, and sharing files
    • Use it as an instant messaging tool to chat quickly and easily (like texting) from any device
    • Conduct trainings in which you record and share your screen

    Make the most of its capabilities by installing it on your desktop computer, adding it to your Webdesk, and downloading it to your mobile device. If you have a non-district computer, just use Teams via Office 365! Check out our Basics & Tips page for more!


If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
  • How to Access Microsoft Teams from Webdesk

    Open Webdesk.pisd.edu and add the Microsoft Teams app from the PISD Staff folder.

    Teams icon in Webdesk


  • How to Install Teams on your Desktop

    Are you on a laptop away from the district?
    If using a district-issued laptop and you are not on the network (meaning if you're at home or elsewhere) then you'll need to bring your laptop to a district building so that it connects to the network wifi and you can then locate and install the Teams app from the App Depot. This can be as simple as driving up to the school/building, staying in your car, logging into your computer, and following the directions below. Please contact the Digital Learning Team or the Help Desk for help. 

    1. Open the App Depot from your desktop and click on Teams (you might need to search for it).
      app depot icon
      teams in app depot
    2. Click on Install. Wait a few seconds for it to install. Then close the App Depot ("Software Center") window.
      install teams
    3. To start using Teams immediately, log off and log back in to apply Teams to your profile (otherwise Teams will launch the next time you login to the PC). You will be presented with the following login screen (it takes a few seconds to appear). Be sure to remove "ad." from your email address. Then click the "Sign in" button.  
      teams login, remove ad. from your email
    4. Choose the “Work or school account – Created by your IT department” option
    5. Enter your PISD network password and choose “Sign In” button.
    6. Microsoft Teams will launch and retain your PISD credentials moving forward. Choose the button to Join a team in the top right corner if you’ve been provided with a Team ID. This completes the MS Teams setup and it will automatically launch every time you login to the workstation in the future.