• What is Edpuzzle?

    Edpuzzle.com allows teachers to turn any video into an engaging and interactive lesson. Crop a video (from sources such as YouTube, Khan Academy, or upload one you created) and intersperse your own questions, voiceover, or audio notes.   

    How do I sign in?

    Note: PISD does not have a district license for Edpuzzle. The free version works great! (Free Vs. Pro)

    1. Go to Edpuzzle.com OR add the Edpuzzle app in Webdesk and access the site from there. 

    edpuzzle teacher

    2. Choose the "Sign in with Google" option using your PISD email address.

    sign in with google

    How do I use Edpuzzle?

    Check out Edpuzzle's YouTube Playlist:


    Screencastify-YouTube-Edpuzzle Workflow

    Deliver personalized content that will deepen student learning within the context of engaging lesson design with built-in formative assessments to guide instruction. Click HERE to open the infographic in a new window.