• School Supply List App

  • Supply lists are typically a list of supplies all students are expected to bring to class, usually at the start of the school year. Typically, supply lists are provided by individual teacher or grade level.

  • Add the School Supply App

    1. Under the Apps tabs select the School Supply App then drag and drop on the page.
      Screenshot of School Supply App Location
    2. Open the App

  • How do I add items to the list?

    1. School supply lists can be upload in the APP in any of the following formats:
      1. Microsoft Word
      2. Microsoft Excel
      3. PDF
    2. The default PISD list can be editted.

    School Supply APP

  • Uploading a List

    1. Select upload and click link
      Upload List
    2. Enter state, city, school name
      NCES Number Lookup
    3. Copy the NCES School ID
      NCES Number Lookup ID location
    4. Enter the NCES School ID
      NCES ID entered
    5. Verify the correct school has been selected and click NEXT
      Upload List step 1
    6. Upload the documents
      Upload documents

  • Supply List Loaded

    Teacherlist will then enter the data and your list will be ready to within 48 hours.

    Supply List Ready

  • School Supply List Administrators

    School supply list can be edited once they are uploaded.  In order to be able to edit the school's supply list,

    1. create an account with Teachers List
    2. Have school administrator email Lan Hardy, System Specialist
    3. provide name person(s) needing Schoolwide access to supply list.

  • Sharing the Supply Lists

    The Supply list can be easily embedded on school website and put on social media. Hover over the supply list:

    sharing the school supply lists


    • Click the LINK icon
    • Select the image you want to use for the supply list
    • Copy the embed code
      Embed image code

    Social Media

    • Click the SHARE icon
    • Select method of sharing
      Social Media

  • Teachers' Wish List

    Wish lists are most often items that you would appreciate for your class; not every student needs to bring in every item.

    Create a classroom wish list in seconds

    Here's more info on sharing Wish Lists with parents.

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