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    8:30 am

    To Establish Purpose

    Welcome, Intro & Kickoff!

    9:00 am

    To Set Expectations

    Tech Teasers, UnTethered Classroom activity (slide deck)

    10:00 am

    To Inspire

    Keynote: “Building Your Creative Confidence”

    Remix Template: https://bit.ly/45b3OEE

    10:30 am

    10-minute Break

    10:40 am

    To Apply Digital Integration Theory

    AI in Education (Slide deck, click "Use Template" to save it to your Google Drive)

    11:30-12:25 pm


    12:30 pm

    To Apply Digital Integration Theory

    Session #1

    1:30 pm

    To Apply Digital Integration Theory

    Session #2

    2:30 pm

    To Apply Digital Integration Theory

    Session #3

    3:20-3:35 pm

    10-minute Break

    Post your learning to IG & X using #pisdetsi

    3:35-4:00 pm

    To Collaborate & Reflect

    Tech Slam - Share your favorite digital learning tool/strategy!

    Breakout Sessions

    ETSI 2024 Breakout Sessions (Google Doc)

    Seesaw slide deck

  • Details & Registration

    ETSI 2024!

    Location: Sockwell Center, 6301 Chapel Hill Blvd., Plano, TX 75093

    Date: Tuesday, June 4, 2024

    Time: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm

    Registration: PowerSchool Section 37105

    Who should attend?

    • Tech-savvy teachers who are proficient in integrating technology in the classroom. 
    • Educators who are comfortable leading PD sessions on their campus.
    • Educators who are willing to learn and share knowledge about implementing new and existing educational technology.
    • Any professional staff member who attended ETSI in the past is eligible to attend again.

    Course description

    • Check your email for details. 
    • Lunch will be provided.
    • Earn 6.5 hours of Trade Learning Credit
    • ETSI 2024 Breakout sessions
    • ETSI 2024 attendees will gather insights on PISD's NEW Digital Learning Plan and the NEW Technology TEKS 
    • Explore best practices with tools like Pear Deck, iPads, Apple TVs, Book Creator, etc.
    • Develop an understanding of the PISD Instructional Model Snapshots for Technology Integration and how they incorporate digital integration theory, pedagogy, and instructional design.
    • Get ready to inspire, engage, and empower your learners! 
    • Prerequisite: Foundations of Digital Integration course (updated April 2024)- strongly encouraged but not required; earn 1 hour of trade credit by completing this self-paced online course. This hour applies toward 2024-2025 credit. Upon completion, please return to PowerSchool and click the blue button that says "I'm finished" in order to receive credit for the course. 

  • Mission & Vision

    ETSI Mission Statement

    The mission of Plano ISD's Ed Tech Success Initiative is to create digitally fluent educators who are empowered to create engaging, innovative, and future-focused learning environments.

    ETSI Vision Statement

    Plano ISD's Ed Tech Success Initiative empowers educators to be digitally fluent technology integrators who are outstanding learners, leaders, citizens, collaborators, designers, facilitators, and analysts*. 

    *Inspired by the ISTE Standards for Educators. Did you know that ETSI is ISTE spelled backwards? 🧐

  • Testimonials

    ETSI Testimonials

    “...today's training was extremely well put together. The booklet, the Google classroom, all of the resources and how the presentation flowed...you ladies did a FANTASTIC job.”

    "You and your team put together a training that was the best I ever had in my 10 years working for PISD. Your professionalism, knowledge, and capacity to share, made this training a paramount experience... we just simply could not wait to share with our students the wealth of expertise you made available to the teachers. A big THANKS from the bottom of my heart."

    "I always walk away feeling empowered, engaged and excited to get back to campus and try things with my students and staff!"

    "ETSI helps me feel less nervous about technology."

    "ETSI has something/information for everyone from novice to proficient."

    "I enjoyed hearing all the different apps that teachers are using and having success with in the classroom."

    "Your enthusiasm inspires me to be brave and have fun learning and teaching through technology!"

    Advice from past ETSI participants

    "Don't be overwhelmed. Breathe. Take it all in. Have fun and your students will also have fun!"

    "Take notes and be ready to completely transform your way of teaching."

    "Be prepared to get out of your comfort zone and learn something new."

    "Don't be afraid to share what you know! Everyone is so supportive and willing & wanting to learn!"

    "Be ready to learn a lot in a small amount of time!!"

    "Be prepared for a lot of information but it's great information and it may take time to process. This is a very worthwhile training and I highly recommend it!"

    "Put your seat belt on & brace yourself for a fun & thrilling ride."

    "Don't miss it!! I am sure this is only the beginning of what the future holds. The tip-of-the-iceberg in terms of innovation to come. Exciting to be part of history-in-the-making!!"

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  • ETSI Resources 2014-2023

    2023 Slide deck

    2022 Schedule | Digital Playground

    2021 Complete self-paced course pre-requisite, Slide deck

    Rosters 2014-2021 Roster of all ETSI Attendees

    2019 Brochure | Librarian Ed

    2018 Website | Brochure

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    2016 Video!

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    Digital Learning Team webpage - pisd.edu/dlt

    Clara Alaniz - clara.alaniz@pisd.edu, @techclara, 469-752-8975

    Leah Heerema - leah.heerema@pisd.edu, @TechKnowLeah, 469-752-8971

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