Clean-Up Instructions

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  • Step-by-Step Instructions


  • Seesaw

    Seesaw - Good news! You have continuous access throughout the summer

    🌞Set Ready for Summer

    • If you plan to assign summer activities in Seesaw, we recommend adjusting some settings.  Click on the wrench (settings) and turn OFF the following:
      • Students can see others' work
      • New items require approval

    📚Create Collections 

    • Organize & categorize, evaluate activities in your Library
    • To create a Collection: In My Library, scroll down to My Collections  and click Create
    • To organize activities, click on Activities Not In Collection, and click Organize to add to the Collection.

    👪Family Download Student Journal  

    • Connect with families - +Families, turn on family access, enter emails
    • Families get email with link to download journal archive as soon as class is archived

    📋Archive Class

    • Classes will be archived at the end of the year.
    • To manually archive:  Wrench Icon > Archive (Be sure student email/ID is linked)!
    • *** Do not delete anything, ONLY archive!!
    • *** Seesaw Admin will merge accounts for portfolios. 

    💡Archive Seesaw Activities (opt)

    • To archive Activities:  go to Activities > 3 dots > Archive Activity 
    • All activities in your library will still be available for future classes.
    • Helpful for decluttering class feed or for resetting class for the new semester.  All student responses remain in the Archived folder. 

     ~ Seesaw support & 5 End of Year Seesaw Must Do's for Teachers 

  • Google Classroom

    Google Classroom - steps that may help you clean up your Classroom

    🏢 Return all Classwork 

    • (Check the “to do & To Review” lists) 
    • “Ctrl” key to open in new tab for viewing

    📆 Remove Calendars of each class from Google Calendar

    • Declutter your calendar view
    • To Hide:  click on 3 dots next to class name > Hide from list (restore in settings)
    • To Delete or unsubscribe: click 3 dots next to class name > Settings and sharing > Delete / Unsubscribe
    • To export: click 3 dots next to class name > Settings and sharing > Export

    👩‍🎓 Student access options 

    • Unenroll students from original classroom (preserve academic integrity)
      • Students can still access work via their Google Classroom folder in Google Drive.  
    • Archive class without unenrolling students 
      • Students have view-only access to classroom content, no revisions can be made.

    🔐 Archive class

    • To Archive class - Classroom card > 3 dots > Archive Class
    • Removes it from student and teacher dashboards.  Access in Archived Classes section
    • Teachers can still reuse posts and assignments

    🏫Creating class options

    • Duplicating Class for next year (recommended) Copy Class - All assignments are in draft form, no students nor teachers; new folders in Drive.  Create a template class
    • Reusing Class - Return all classwork (Check the “to do & To Review” lists) Hit “Ctrl” key to open in new tab for viewing
    • LEAVING the DISTRICT Transfer ownership of Google Classroom to teammate/administrator
    • Emojis!  Windows + “.”  (Desktops and Laptops).  Works for Classroom comments, Titles in Classroom and Drive, email, Zoom and Google Meet chats, etc!!🙌🙌👏🤣👌👌👌👌👌

    End-Of-Year Google Classroom Clean-up Tips (Eric Curts)

    Google Classroom Cleanup Tips for the End of the Year (ShakeUpLearning)

    ~ 10 easy ways to clean up your Google Classroom  (Matt Miller)

  • Google Classroom - Leaving the District

    👉 Transfer Ownership

    If you are the owner (creator) of a Google Classroom and you get a change in assignment or someone else will be teaching that class, please transfer ownership of the Google Classroom to a co-teacher. Otherwise, the Classroom will lose some functionality.

    1. In the Google Classroom you'd like to transfer, click "People". Add the teacher if he/she is not already a co-teacher. 

    2. Click the three vertical dots next to the teacher.

    3. Select "Make class owner".

    transfer ownership of google classroom

    More detailed instructions on the Google support page - Transfer ownership of class

  • Google Drive

    Google Drive 

    📂 Move Classroom Folders

    • Create a sub-folder for this year’s assignments. Move from Classroom Folder to subfolder 
    • Name it “used, timed out, Zachive, etc  to place it at the bottom of list, include date
    • *** DO NOT DELETE master “CLASSROOM” folder.

    🤝 “Shared with Me” Clean-up

    • Remove files/folders from Shared with Me tab on left
    • Removes it from your view, the shared folders will still be in owner’s drive.  
    • Google Drive - “P” is for Preview!  No need to open file if you are only lurking
    • Google Drive - Drop down from Drive tab - Click and drag to quickly move files into folders, use dropdown on left side Drive tab

  • Google Drive - Leaving the District

    🚗 Leaving the district? 

    If you or someone you know is leaving Plano ISD (retiring/resigning/etc.) please follow these tips to ensure access to the Google files is not lost.

    When an employee leaves PISD, he/she will no longer be able to access their PISD Google Drive. Their PISD Google account will be deleted after 90 days, including Google Drive files and Google Classrooms. To ensure that you keep any files that you need when your colleague leaves the district, you’ll either need to:

    • Make a copy of the document(s) so that you are now the owner and can share it with the other colleagues who need it. OR
    • Download and reupload those files so that you become the owner. OR
    • Ask the person leaving to transfer ownership to you through their sharing settings (only the owner can do this).  

    👉 Transfer Ownership & Export Google Drive

    See detailed instructions and a video here:

  • GoGuardian

    Archive VS Delete

    💾 Archiving your GoGuardian classes removes them from the Active tab. You can still access snapshots, previous sessions, student reports, etc. but students won't be tied to the schedule and scenes. You can restore them at any time. 

    Deleting your GoGuardian classes will permanently remove them and you will no longer have access to snapshots, previous sessions, student reports, etc. 

    Click here for GoGuardian Instructions

    ** IMPORTANT** Before Archiving your class, please remove any default scenes for all of your scheduled classes.  Go to class.  Click on the Settings tab on the left, then click on Info tab at the top.  Finally, scroll down to the Default Scene dropdown and select none. 

  • Bonus Tips

    Bonus Tips

    Use Emojis to get noticed!  

    Windows + “.”  (Desktops and Laptops).  Works for Classroom comments, Titles in Classroom and Drive, email, Zoom and Google Meet chats, etc!!🙌🙌👏🤣👌👌👌👌👌

    Google Drive

    “N” is for reName!  No need to open a file to rename it.

    "Z" is for moving the file

    Shift + Z is for adding a shortcut to a different location

    Google Classroom

    “Ctrl” key to open in new tab

  • Support


    Contact us for help: Digital Learning Specialists