• How to Install & Use the TI SmartView CE Software for the TI 84-Plus Calculator

    Click here to download the TI Smartview user guide. 

    1. Open the App Depot and search for SmartView. 

    ti smartview ce in app depot

    2. Click Install. It will take about a minute to install. The icon will appear on your desktop. 

    ti smartview ce icon on desktop

    3. Double click the TI SmartView CE desktop icon to launch it. 

    4. When it launches, you might see a message asking if you want to report feedback to help. It's optional so you can just select No if you're not sure. You may also see another message asking to check for notifications. Leave the box checked to automatically check for notifications and click Close.


    Now you can begin using TI SmartView CE!

    ti smartview ce