To be a valuable resource to staff, students, parents and the community at large, information on your school’s websites should be current.

    • The default font in the Schoolwires for the Wake County Public School System is coded in the CSS stylesheet. Schools should not override the stylesheet.
      • Use <p> for paragraphs
      • Use <h1> - <H6> for headers
      • Comic Sans or any other font similar should not be used to keep a consistent look. Please allow the template to control the fonts being used.
    • If you copy and paste text, the preferred method is to use the Plain Text icon in the content editor. This method will retain the default font and size.
    • Underlines should not be used; they are reserved for active links.
    • Use graphics such as clip art sparingly. 
    • Any questions about formatting or editing should first be directed to the Website Directors at your school, who are responsible for maintaining your website.
  • Your school name will display next to your logo. A logo is a symbol or design that identifies your school. A logo isn’t your school banner that includes your school name. 

    • 100 pixels height with respective width (close to square as possible)
    • Vector Image

+ Alerts Notifications & Banners

  • Alerts and Notification Banners

    • Region A on your homepage is for Notifications from the school
    • No images
    • No URL, link to text instead
    • Region B is for Alerts from WCPSS and will be pushed by Communications.
    • Regions A and B are intended for very simple text for highly important announcements and alerts only. This should be a temporary postings ONLY.
    • These regions are designed to work with an Announcements app.
    • To use one of the banners you just need to have an “active” announcement.
    • So you can create multiple announcements and save them within the app and just make one active when you want to use it
    • Announcements apps can be shared from the district site and pushed out to all subsites, if desired. Someone from our support team can walk you through how to share an app if you aren’t sure.

+ Colors

    • Please limit the number of colors you use on your Site Settings. These colors need to match/coordinate with the logo being used for your school's site.
    • Do not change text colors in the individual pages. These are determined by the stylesheet and should be changed using the template options.
    • Please ensure that the colors you have chosen allow your viewers to be able to read the text, (e.g., white text on a yellow background can't be read.

+ Images

  • We have determined that some Schoolwires Apps are applying extreme compression to uploaded images, causing them to display poorly to the public. We have guides prepared to help you choose the correct image export and upload settings to compensate for the image compression so that your images will display well.
    Image Export and Upload Guidelines for School Sites (coming soon)
    Image Export and Upload Guidelines for WWW Site Team (coming soon)
    • Home Page Image Rotator
      • Large Homepage image rotator is 1500 x 915 pixels
        • Up to 5 images in the rotator
      • Small Homepage image rotator is 1123 X 618 pixels
        • Up to 5 images in the rotator 
      • Headline Accent Images (Regions C, F & H): 587 x 486 
        • Refer to the School Template Documentation
    • Please only use HIGH-QUALITY Images 
      • minimum resolution is:
    • Photo Editing Software
      • Schoolwires
      • Photoshop
      • Photoscape
      • - Free
      • - Free
      • – Free
      • – Free
      • Photoshop Elements (Windows and Mac)
      • Paint Shop Pro (Windows only)
      • Pixelmator (Mac only)
      • Affinity Photo (Mac Only)
    **Plano ISD Communications and Instructional Technology do not provide technical support for photo editing.
    • If you have trouble sizing or cropping images, we recommend the site
      • On the Pixlr website, choose the Express program option.
      • Click Browse and open your image.
      • Click Adjustments, and then Resize.
      • In the little box at the bottom put in your width (do not enter a height).
      • Make sure the toggle for Keep Proportions is turned on (blue).
      • Hit Apply.
      • Click Crop and put in your image dimensions.
      • Drag the box to the position on the photo that you think looks best.
      • Hit Apply and then click Save.
      • Now your image should be sized correctly and ready to upload into your photo gallery app

+ Photo Release Information

  • Location:

    • TEAMS or Parent Portal

    There are three overarching questions to be asked before uploading a photo of student:

    1. Is it legal?
    2. Will the school support my decision?
    3. Is it likely that parents will support my decision?
  • In order to maintain a consistent look and field for our community, PISD has created some required page layout formats for certain pages.