• Peer Assistance and Leadership (PAL)

    Peer Assistance and Leadership (PAL) is an award-winning program that offers effective training in "resiliency" strategies. The PAL program combats risky behaviors among youth. Skills taught include but are not limited to, group dynamics, building positive character traits, social, communication, decision-making and problem-solving skills, and cultural awareness.

    The PAL program provides guidance and mentoring for student peers and elementary students on issues such as social skills. The PAL classes enrich their schools and community through service learning projects and extended volunteer activities.

    The PAL program is an approved Texas Education Agency course for 8th-grade students at the middle school level, 10th-grade students at the high school level, and for 11th and 12th-grade students at the senior high school level.


  • Campuses Participating in the PAL Program

    Middle School Campuses: Frankford, Haggard, Otto, Renner, Robinson, Schimelpfenig, Wilson

    High School CampusesClark, Jasper, McMillen, Shepton, Vines, Williams 

    Senior High School Campuses: Plano East, Plano Senior


  • What is PAL?

    PAL is a class and an organization that is dedicated to serving the community and developing leadership skills.

  • Mission

    To empower youth to build exceptional lives for themselves while helping to create better schools, communities, and beyond.

  • Purpose

    The purpose of this organization is to create a long-lasting and positive impact by mentoring, role modeling, and serving the community.

  • More Information

    For more information, check out → https://palusa.org/

  • Contact Daphne Warren
    District PAL Coordinator

    Phone: 469-752-5387
    Email: daphne.warren@pisd.edu