• Grades 6-8 TEKS Positive Character Traits


Grades 6-8 Standards

  • Trustworthiness

    The ability to understand how personal choices and actions build trustworthiness. 

    Trustworthiness traits include loyalty, integrity, reliability, and punctuality. 

    • Describe what it means to be reliable and loyal.
    • Define and give examples of integrity.
    • Examine the benefits of being trustworthy.
    • Describe personal actions that demonstrate trustworthiness at school, home, with peers, and within the community. 

  • Responsibility

    The ability to understand how personal beliefs and feelings influence our sense of responsibility. 

    Responsibility traits include accountability, perseverance, diligence, and self-control.

    • Examine how personal beliefs, thoughts, and feelings about self can build responsibility. 
    • Identify and describe personal role models who demonstrate what it means to be accountable for words and actions.
    • Discuss the benefits of practicing self-control.
    • Compare the benefits of responsible behavior with the consequences of irresponsible behavior. 

  • Caring

    The ability to understand how characteristics of caring impact personal relationships.

    Caring traits include kindness, empathy, charity, generosity, patience, consideration, and compassion.

    • Evaluate one's personal attitudes and mindsets about self and others.
    • Discuss how feelings, decision-making, and personal behaviors can influence relationships with others.
    • Explain and identify examples of how a person can demonstrate empathy through kindness, charity, generosity, and courtesy. 

  • Citizenship

    The ability to understand how the character trait of citizenship impacts personal relationships.

    Citizenship traits include respect, courtesy, concern for the common good and the community, fairness, freedom from prejudice, justice, patriotism, school pride, respect for authority and law, and gratitude. 

    • Discuss the roles and responsibilities of citizens.
    • Explain how one's personal actions can impact the perception of others.
    • Describe how justice, fairness, and freedom are related.
    • Identify and practice a variety of conflict-resolution skills and strategies. 

Grades 6-8 Positive Character Traits Curriculum

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