• School-Age Parent Program (SAPP)

    Plano ISD School-Age Parent Program. Success from One Generation to the Next

    The mission of the School-Age Parent Program (SAPP) is to provide the practical and emotional support expectant and parenting teens need to stay in school, remain on track for graduation, be the best parents they can be, and prepare for a bright future.  Educational support is provided for students as they transition from pregnancy, to birth, and beyond.


  • Expectant Parent Program

    The Expectant Parent Program (EPP) offers expectant and newly postpartum students a voluntary alternative to their home campus. EPP provides an atmosphere conducive to the completion of the students basic coursework as well as optional supplemental classes in childbirth, child development, infant care, and parent education. For enrollment information, please see your school counselor.

    The Expectant Parent Program location

    Guinn Special Programs Center
    2221 Legacy Dr.
    Plano, TX 75023.

  • Childbirth and Newborn Care Evening Classes

    Adjusting to pregnancy and caring for children is a family affair. Emotional levels can be high. The more support both the teen and family receive, the easier the adjustments will be. Family members are encouraged to attend our evening meetings which provide information about various topics in a supportive environment. The main goal of these meetings is to let you know that you are not alone. Group members have the opportunity to share and learn from each other and our guest speakers. Topics are tailored to the needs of the students and their families, and sufficient time is available for social interaction. Please contact Akeisha Shipman for the schedule of events.

  • Campus Meetings

    Students receive support during the school day provided by the coordinator of the School-Age Parent Program, Akeisha Shipman. The campus meetings are scheduled biweekly at most campuses, either individually or in small groups. The goals and objectives of these meetings depend on each student’s needs. Campus meetings may include the following:

    • Academic and vocational guidance
    • Emotional support
    • Individual planning
    • Instruction on a wide variety of topics, including child development, pregnancy, nutrition, goal setting, infant care, safety, budgeting, and parenting skills
    • Referrals to community resources

  • Compensatory Education Home Instruction

    Through Compensatory Education Home Instruction (CEHI), certified teachers provide instruction to the student at home when complications of pregnancy prevent the student from attending school and during the postpartum period.  Students have the opportunity to continue making progress in their courses and be counted as present for school while they work from home with their assigned teacher.

    CEHI Program Objectives

    • Provide individual instruction and/or related services to confined students as determined appropriate by district policy.
    • Enable students to maintain and gain skills in core curriculum classes while they are temporarily confined at home by physician’s orders.
    • Coordinate the course work of the regular class and the home instructional program in an effort to enable the student to return to school needing minimal readjustment.
    • Enable prenatal/postpartum students to receive individualized curriculum instruction.

  • Community Support

    The School-Age Parent Program is grateful to be part of a community that cares. The following businesses, organizations, and groups have recently provided donations, health education, meals, volunteer hours, or needed baby items.

    • Central Market
    • Christ United Methodist Church - Various ministries
    • Custer Road United Methodist Church
    • Girl Scout Troop 6628
    • Heritage Farmstead Museum
    • Junior League of Collin County
    • Medical City Plano
    • PESH National Honor Society
    • Plano ISD Communications Department
    • Plano ISD Education Foundation
    • Plano Quilters' Guild
    • Shiloh Baptist Church
    • Susan Hurley Photography
    • Texas Health Presbyterian Plano

    Please contact program coordinator and educator Akeisha Shipman to learn how to volunteer and donate. 

  • Contact Information
    Akeisha Shipman
    Student and Family Services